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best neck massager

Neck pain is a common occurrence, with around 15% of Americans experiencing trouble in the area on an everyday basis. Many causes of neck pain are simple, such as everyday activities like sitting hunched in front of a computer, body posture or carrying load a certain way. Some causes for neck pain are more serious, such as whiplash, arthritis, muscle strain and the like, which require some type of medical attention.

However, whether the neck pain is chronic or long lasting, a neck massage – either through manual therapy or with the use of a neck massager can be a source great relief for the discomfort you may feel. But how do you choose the best neck massager among many in the market?

Benefit of Neck Massages

Before delving in and shopping for a neck massager, it’s good to understand why you would want to invest in one in the first place. Massages are beneficial for many reasons. Regular therapy helps keep your body free from pain by releasing tension, improving flexibility, posture and range of motion, while encouraging relaxation and relieving stress at the same time.

Neck Massagers

Because of the known benefits of massages, neck massagers have become a popular option among many individuals who do not have the time or the budget to get professional massages on a regular basis. Most products are rather cost effective, and allow you to relieve neck and back discomfort right in the comfort of your own home. And the best part is they are available 24/7 without an appointment!

What to Look For In Neck Massagers

There are many neck massagers in the market, and they all differ in terms of features. Here are a few things to consider when you are on the lookout for the best neck massager out there:

  • Percussion vs. vibration – percussion neck massagers are essentially machines that have hammers. They work by sending vibrations into the muscles. Vibration massagers on the other hand, simply vibrate across the surface and superficially kneed the surface of the muscles
  • Power – Power can also vary depending on the machine. Since percussion massagers require more power to penetrate muscles, so it can range from 25w to 45w depending on the power. Take a look at infrared lights
  • Size – Neck massagers also vary in size, from small ones that fit the base of your neck to larger products that cover more muscle space.
  • Heating – Many massagers come with a heating feature, which warms up the muscles and improves circulation, giving you a similar feeling to getting a hot stone massage

With these features in mind, let’s go ahead and check out some of the best neck massagers in the market today.

1. Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager Pillow


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A portable massager that can be used in the car or in the office, the Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager Pillow is ergonomically designed to fit the contours of the body, especially the neck and back. Here are some of its features:

  • Ergonomic shape to fit the contour of the neck, as well as other parts of the body such as the lower and upper back, calf, thighs and legs
  • Advanced heating function that can be turned on and off with ease
  • Accompanying wall and car charger
  • Adjustable strap, allowing the massager to be strapped onto car seats or office chairs
  • Overheat protection with its programmed 20-minute auto shutoff feature
What’s to Like

While small in size, the Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager Pillow packs on a lot of power. Designed to be portable, this product is ideal for those who are always on the go – especially if you tend to spend plenty of time in your car.

Users love its strong and powerful rollers, which, in combination with its advanced heating function works well to massage the neck and melt tension right away. Aside from that, the product is pretty versatile, molding very well with the contour of the neck, as well as other parts of the body.

Its automatic one-minute timer allows the rollers to switch directions after each minute of use, giving you a feeling of balance while being massaged. It also comes with an automatic-off feature, which turns the massager off after twenty minutes of continuous use.

What’s Not To Like

Numerous positive comments have been said about this product. But, if there is one thing quite disappointing about it – it is the fact that you need to plug it into an outlet in order to use it. Luckily, it comes with a car charger, so you can still use it while inside the car.

Final Word

Overall, this massager is of high quality and at its current price its features exceed expectations.  It packs a punch when it comes to what it can deliver, and is a great option if you are looking for a product you can use at home or on the go.

2. Zyllion Shiatsu Massage Pillow with Heat 


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Small and compact, the Zyllion ZMA-13-BK Shiatsu Massage Pillow is designed not only for the neck but also on various parts of the body, massaging specific muscles to relieve tensions, knots, and aches and relieves stress. Some of the product’s features include the following:

  • Ergonomic shape, fitting the contour of various body parts including the neck
  • Heating function that can be turned on and off with ease
  • Four deep kneading nodes that rotate and kneed muscles and reverse rotate during massage sessions
  • Adjustable strap, allowing the massager to be strapped onto car seats or office chairs
  • Overheat protection with its programmed 20-minute auto shutoff feature
What’s to Like about the Zyllion Massage Pillow 

This product garners positive reviews from users mostly because of its versatility, owing to the fact that it is ergonomically designed for use on various body parts. Users report using the massager on the legs, back and arms without any difficulty or feeling of awkwardness.

Its four rollers kneed the tight muscles with just the right amount of power, which is said to be comparable to actual physical therapy or massage. Its heating mechanism improves the massage experience, and is made safe with its overheat protection feature.

What’s Not To Like

The massager does not come with heat adjustment options. However, many users report that the heat is just the right amount, enough to give a soothing sensation that melts away tension and stress.

Final Word

Also at a reasonable price – just like the first product, the Zyllion ZMA-13-BK Shiatsu Massage Pillow with Heat provides a wide range of benefits and features for its price. It is also a great choice if you want a small device that you can use at home, in your car or inside your office.

If there is one thing to consider before buying the product, it is the lack of heating adjustment feature. Considering the fact that sensitivity to heat is relative to each individual, it might be worth the effort to try out the product first to see if the heat is bearable and comfortable enough for you.

3. Brookstone Shiatsu Neck Massager


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The Shiatsu Neck Back Massager With Heat is a product designed to let users massage that spot right between the shoulders and in the middle of the neck, without the need to visit a massage therapist or a partner to man the device. Some key features on the product include:

  • Eight deep kneading shiatsu massage nodes
  • Heating mechanism that relaxes muscles of the body
  • Hand straps which allow users to raise or lower the massage hard-to-reach muscles in the back
  • Two massage modes: single and auto reversion direction
  • Overheat protection with its programmed 20-minute auto shutoff feature
What’s to like

The Brookstone Shiatsu Neck Back Massager With Heat features a powerful percussion mechanism that hammers the muscles – giving users a deep tissue massage experience.

The hand straps allow you to hold it up or down, so you can use it on hard-to-reach areas such as in between the shoulder blades, or at the back of the neck, without the need to raise your arms or strap the product on to a chair. Users also love its heating feature that melts away knots and tension from the muscles.

What’s not to like

If there is one thing that users would want more from this product, it is for it to at least have adjustable strength or power. Users report that the power applied by the massage nodes tend to be too strong.

Final Word

With its 8 deep-kneading nodes, this massager digs deep and works out kinks and tension from the muscles. At $129, it is a bit steep in comparison to neck massagers with similar features, but what makes it stand out is its long handles that allow you to use the device comfortably without having to reach back or strain your arm massage hard to reach areas.

The handles also allow you to pull the massager closer or let it sit lax against the muscles, varying the percussion intensity, which makes up for its lack of power adjustment options.

Because the product is bigger in comparison to portable massagers, it makes a nice investment if you’re looking at doing your self-massages at home.

4. Prospera Kneading Massage Cushion


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The Prospera Kneading Massage Cushion is a beautifully designed product that is rather lightweight and thin. Created by a brand that specializes in massage products, this kneading massage cushion is designed with a wide range of features that many Prospera products are known for, such as:

  • Two pairs of shiatsu kneading heads
  • Thin and lightweight
  • Portable design, for home, car or office use
  • Ergonomic design for various parts of the body, including the neck
  • Built-in stripe that makes it easy to mount on car seats
What’s to like about the Prospera Cushion

This massager is very lightweight and portable, allowing you to easily move it and hold it against the parts of the body, which you want to massage. Because it is lightweight, it is also easy to bring around and inside the vehicle or bring to the office. Aesthetics wise, it is very attractive, and looks great inside the car.

What’s not to like

While its pressure is firm enough, the product does not have any pressure or strength settings, which means that it may either feel too strong or too weak depending on the user. Because there are no pressure settings, you will have to adjust your body and how much you want to press the affected area on to the massager to get the pressure that you want. It does not also have a heating feature, which is common to many massagers that sit on the same price range.

Final Word

For its price, the Prospera Kneading Massage Cushion is a good buy, especially if you’re looking for a product to use on small areas like the back of the neck. One thing to take note of is also the absence of a heating feature. If you’re looking for a combination of heat and pressure, you might want to consider other products that sit in the same price range. If you are not so particular about heat, then this is something that is worth a try.

5. Kendal Neck Shoulder Back Tapping Massager 


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The innovative Kendal massager is a product designed for massage on the neck, back, shoulder and waist – but you don’t just stop there. It can also be used to provide muscle relief on various parts of the body with its wide range of features:

  • Drum tapping massage mechanism that kneads muscles and burns fat in the process
  • 22 automatic massage programs, with both auto and manual mode
  • 11 different pressure and intensity levels
  • Thermotherapy heating function that promotes blood circulation
  • Hand grips that allow ease of use when massaging areas such as the neck, shoulders, buttocks, backs and thighs
What’s to like about the Kendal Tapping Massager

The product is know to be intense – that said, it provides a very powerful tapping motion on to the muscles. The good thing is, unlike many massagers in the market, it comes with eleven different pressures and intensity levels, starting from soft (at 1) to intense (at 11). Its 22 automatic massage programs give you a variety of massage sensations, so you can use the device every day without getting used to the same sensation.

The product is rather powerful and pretty much delivers everything it promises to do at a very affordable price. At its current price, this Kendal neck massager carries features that you would find from neck massagers priced at $100 and onwards. Lastly of course, its handgrips are a plus since they allow you to massage areas on the back that would otherwise be hard to reach.

What’s not to like

Unlike other products that shut off after 20 minutes of use, the Kendal neck massager has a shorter time span. It automatically turns off after 10 minutes of continuous use, which can be disappointing especially if you’re already enjoying the session.

Final word

This device provides you with great value for money. The fact that you can adjust its intensity means that you can share it with other people in the family – even if everyone has different preferences when it comes to pressure.

Other than the fact that it is not as portable as other products (which may not be a bad thing at all), the only issue is that it automatically shuts off after ten minutes of use. This means you have to wait for a few minutes turn it on to use it again. But, if you’re fine with ten minutes of massage at a time, then you might want to consider this product.

6.  GESS129 Shiatsu Massage Pillow With Heat


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Manufactured by one of Germany’s leading health care supplier, the GESS 129 Shiatsu Massage Pillow with heat is designed deliver shiatsu-like infrared-thermal therapy to the to relieve pain and discomfort, along with other great product features:

  • Ergonomic design to fit the contours of the neck and other body parts
  • 3D massage kneading
  • Infrared thermal therapy that heats the muscles and improves circulation
  • Positive and negative rotation for an alternate massage
  • Overheat protection with its programmed 20-minute auto shutoff feature
What’s to like about the GESS

Another portable massager, the GESS 129 Shiatsu Massage Pillow garners positive reviews from users. The heat and pressure are a great combination, providing a moderately strong massage, comparable to actual massage therapy. The contours fit perfectly on the base of the skull and the neck, but it can also be used comfortably on other parts of the body.

What’s not to like

There are not a lot of negative comments about this product, other than the fact that some users wish that it came with a longer cord. A few users also report about the device not consistently heating up, but this is also countered with a huge majority of users saying they are comfortable with the heat that the device produces.

Final word

This basic neck massager delivers what it should – a strong massage to the neck (and other areas of the body), generally comfortable infrared heat and rotating shiatsu therapy. This lineup sounds quite familiar, being very similar to what the first two products on the list have to offer, and sitting at the same price range, we’d recommend this product just as well.

7. HoMedics Shiatsu and Vibration Massage Pillow


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Another portable massage pillow for the neck, the HoMedics SP-100H features 3D technology that delivers circular kneading on to the body. It is a rather versatile product with the following features:

  • 3d technology that delivers circular kneading
  • Inward and outward motion, producing a more authentic massage experience
  • Shiatsu and vibrating mode for differing massage experiences
  • Heating mechanism to soothe tired muscles and improve circulation
  • Ergonomically contoured for versatile use on the neck, back, shoulders and other body parts
What’s to like about the HoMedics

The HoMedics Sp-100H comes features two modes of massage – the shiatsu mode that gives users an overall authentic massage experience, and a vibrating mode for a generally easier feel. It is also compact enough to bring anywhere. Users report that the device’s shiatsu mode massages more deeply than other similar products that they have tried in the market.

What’s not to like

While the shiatsu mode is quite powerful, the vibration mode is noted to feel pretty weak. Aside from that, the device takes a little bit of time to turn on after it automatically shuts down, which may cause a disruption to your massage session.

Final word

The massage has its uses, and has its own good and bad points. However, considering its price versus the price you would have to pay for a real shiatsu massage, it is certainly more economical to invest in this product and make use of it at home. But considering that its features are quite similar to products that you would get for a bit less, you might want to do a bit more shopping and research before finally deciding on this one.

8. Shiatsu Back And Neck Massager


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Shiatsu’s back and neck massager is an exceptionally versatile product, as it can also be used to provide shoulder and foot massages if needed. Coming with 4 massage nodes that allow you plenty of flexibility when it comes to use, this massager is capable of offering a deep tissue massage that leaves you feeling refreshed after use.

Couple that with optional heating that can be turned off at any point and an auto-shutoff mechanism to allow for improved levels of safety and you have one of the best neck and back massagers available.

  • Comes with 4 massage nodes that are capable of deep tissue massage.
  • Has an optional heating mode that can be turned on or off easily.
  • Is extremely versatile and can be used to massage almost any part of the body.
  • Bi-directional movement allows you to get the professional massage experience.
  • Comes with a 3 year warranty that protects you against any manufacturing issues.
What’s To Like About The Shiatsu Back Massager

The versatility and quality of the device have both received plenty of praise, with many users noting that their stresses seem to just fade away when using the product. Others have pointed towards the exceptionally competitive pricing, especially when compared to equivalent products and professional massages.

What’s Not To Like

A few people have experienced manufacturing defects, such as the heat failing to turn on when needed. However, given the long warranty offered you should find that you are able to get a replacement if such issues affect you.

Final Word

This is one of the best massagers available, not only for the back and neck but for practically all other body parts as well. It offers a beautifully deep massage, with the added heat feature allowing you to really knead away at tension points and relieve the stresses of the day. It currently has a 4.7 out of 5 rating, with very good reason.

9. truMedic Instashiatsu Plus Neck and Shoulder Massager


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Advertising itself as being capable of providing an instant Shiatsu massage at just a fraction of the cost, truMedic’s massager is perfect for relieving the aches and pains that many people begin experiencing in their neck and back as time goes on.

Better yet, the fact that it is cordless means that it can be taken wherever you want, without any worries of trying to find a power supply in order to get it to work. This means it can be worn in the car or at work, in addition to around the home.

  • Cordless operation, with the massager coming with a rechargeable lithium battery.
  • Can be used on practically all areas of the body, as well as the neck and shoulders.
  • The direction of the massage can be changed at any time with the press of a button.
  • Heat is offered for those particularly deep massages.
  • Ideal for relieving stress and muscle tension.

What’s To Like About The truMedicInstashiatsu Plus Neck and Shoulder Massager

Most customers are delighted with the portable nature of the massager, with many claiming that they have packed it with them when they go to work or school, so they can enjoy a good massage at any point during the day. Others are delighted with how effective it is and how much money they have saved.

What’s Not To Like

Negative feedback has been minimal, but a small amount of users claim that the massager does not generate enough heat to be truly effective. A few others also found the material to be a little rough, though this doesn’t seem to be an issue for most.

Final Word

With its 4.7 out of 5 rating, it is pretty clear that this is one of the best neck and shoulder massagers available. Its portability, ease of use and effectiveness are exactly what most are looking for from a massager, plus the price is affordable as well.


Finding the Best Neck Massager

Neck massagers are a great investment, because they actually just aren’t limited for use on the neck, but various parts of the body as well. Given the lifestyle that many of us have nowadays, it helps to have a device at home that helps you relax and relieve tension and accumulated discomfort on various parts of the body.

With so many choices, it already helps to have the best narrowed down for you. While these seven neck massagers have their own pros and cons, and are great products in their own right, it really boils down to what you need and what you are looking for.

If you’re looking for a powerful neck massager, the Kendal Neck Massager is the most promising option. Loaded with features, it gives you the best value for money at only $59 and is definitely worth the investment, even with its short 10-minute automatic shutoff time.

If you’re in the market for a small and portable device that you can use at home and in the car – the Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager Pillow and the GESS129 Shiatsu Massage Pillow With Heat are your best bets. They’re almost identical, have the same price and garner very similar reviews from users, so you can’t go wrong by choosing either of the three best massagers for the neck.


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