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best back support braces

At one time or another, pretty much everyone suffers from back pain of one kind or another. We can’t all stay home and rest every time our back starts giving us trouble so this is where the best back support braces come into the picture. It’s not just people that are out of shape, either. If you’re a competitive athlete, you can tweak a muscle during a strenuous workout just as easily as someone that spends too much time on the couch.

Simply taking a rest whenever your back hurts doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be able to work your way through your back pain any faster. If the muscles that hold your back in alignment don’t get a proper amount of activity, they’ll become less useful, and your episodes of back trouble could increase.


Doctors and Therapists Recommend

That’s why many doctors and therapists recommend that you work your way through back pain by using back support braces. Backaches are painful, but the stiffness that comes with immobilizing yourself just makes things worse and delays your recovery time. Using a simple support brace to get back in the swing of things without hurting your self further is a great way to work through your back pain, and avoid it in the future.

Your Back Depends On a Ring of Muscle

Not many people understand the way their back is held in alignment. It’s the muscles on your abdomen, and along the sides of the ribcage, that hold your back in place properly. Wearing a comfortable back support brace is like fortifying the muscles in the core of your body. It allows you to move, work and play normally without fear of aggravating an existing muscle pull.

If you have a chronic back problem, putting on a high quality back brace can be the difference between a normal life and staying home.

We’ve searched for the best back support braces to save you time and aggravation. These items have the most useful features, and they’re the most highly rated by the only people that matter – people that wear them.

Best Back Support Brace Reviews in 2018

1. McDavid Back Support Brace

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Back support braces are usually broken down into two types. Some act as a simple compression sleeve, like an ace bandage for your torso. Others are designed to offer additional support. The McDavid Brace incorporates flexible metal stays in the back of their brace that increase the amount of support.

These stays move with you, so they’re not as constricting as they would be if they were solid metal, but they offer much more support than a simple elastic band that wraps around your midsection.

  • Cooler to wear than many other braces
  • Great for weightlifting and strenuous activity
  • Slim enough to be worn under a regular shirt
  • Won’t open up, even during strenuous activities
  • Works whether it’s worn inside or outside your clothing
What’s to Like About the McDavid Brace

Back support braces aren’t just for recovering from back injuries while staying active. Many athletes like weightlifters use the McDavid brace to avoid injury in the first place. If you’re planning on any strenuous workout for your back, wearing a comfortable and effective support brace can keep you going strong without fear of back pain.

Back support braces aren’t as useful if they’re too constricting and bulky. The McDavid is a favorite of people like golfers and runners because it’s not very thick, and you can wear it under your regular clothing. It’s adjustable enough to be worn outside light clothing if you prefer.

What’s Not to Like

Getting a good fit on a back support brace is essential if it’s going to be comfortable and deliver the best possible results. Some users report that the sizes run slightly small, especially if you like to wear the brace outside your clothes, so you may want to order one size larger than you normally would.

Final Word

Reviewers overwhelmingly give high marks to the McDavid Back Support Brace. Over 75 percent of users give it at least four out of 5. They like the additional support the brace gets from its flexible metal stays and say that they prefer the McDavid design to braces that require over the shoulder straps.

Many users report that they like to wear this brace under their regular clothes when they have to sit at a desk or drive for long periods. Many users say they use the brace to avoid back problems as much as deal with current back pain. The McDavid Back Support Brace is highly recommended.

2. Cincher Women’s Posture Back Brace

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Women don’t always get the attention they deserve for their back problems. Most back braces are designed and marketed toward men, even though women are more prone to back trouble than men are. Women’s breasts can put a great deal of stress on their back, and it often causes pain higher up than on men.

Traditional lumbar back braces sit too low to help many women.

That’s why the Cincher Women’s Posture Back Brace can help where other back braces fail. It’s made to conform to a woman’s shape, and it offers support for the lower back while it helps with your posture, whether you’re seated or standing

  • Supports both the lower and upper back
  • Helps improve posture
  • Yoke design won’t cut into your shoulders like straps
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Gives women a natural hourglass shape
  • Can be worn under clothes
  • Can also be worn when sleeping
What’s to Like About the Cincher Women’s  Brace

The Cincher Women’s Posture Back Brace has the lower lumbar support everyone needs, but it also has wide, elastic side panels that help women in the areas most prone to back strain. Instead of thin straps that go over the shoulder, it has a yoke similar to a sports bra that gives support to the upper back while distributing the force over a larger area.

Like all good back braces, it offers compression on the tummy that helps keep your spine aligned properly.

The Cincher can be worn under regular clothing, but if you’re wearing it while doing heavier work, it’s flexible enough to be worn over a light undershirt or camisole top to avoid chafing and sweating.

What’s Not to Like

Some users report that the Cincher can chafe the skin between the breasts when you wear it while bending and doing heavy lifting, although that can be improved by wearing it over a light undershirt instead of against the skin.

Some users also objected to the fact that for health and safety reasons, the Cincher cannot be returned if it has been worn. That makes it important to make sure you purchase the item in the correct size.

Final Word

Almost 60 percent of users give the Cincher Women’s Posture Back Brace four or more out of 5. It’s notable how many different reasons users report for wearing the brace. Some say they get excellent relief from back strain when they are required to stand in one place for long periods. Others use the Cincher to help their posture when their job requires them to sit at a desk for an entire workday.

Many users say that the Cincher helps to keep them from hunching over their desk while working. Even users suffering from scoliosis report that the Cincher offers them long-lasting relief. The Cincher Women’s Posture Back Brace is reasonably priced and should be considered a best buy.

3. Neoprene Lumbar Lower Back Support Brace

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When you’re shopping for lower back braces, one size doesn’t fit all. More importantly, one design doesn’t fit all. Different designs help with different problems and suit different forms of activities. The Double Pull Neoprene back support brace is different than many other designs on the market, and it works in several ways to help users with existing back trouble while it also lets athletes and workers avoid hurting their back in the first place.

  • Terrific if you’re suffering from lower back pain or sciatica
  • Criss-crossed fiber straps mimic the action of your muscles
  • Tightens up the central torso to keep your lower lumbar region aligned
  • Reduces the chance of oblique muscle strain
  • Neoprene rubber holds in warmth, which keeps muscles relaxed
  • Very inexpensive
What’s to Like About the Neoprene Double Pull Brace

The muscles in your abdomen and along the sides of your torso have as much to do with holding your spine in alignment as the muscles in your back. The elastic strapping in back braces like the Neoprene Double Pull Lower Back Support Brace are designed to act like the muscles in your torso.

The Double Pull is a bit more flexible in the front and offers extra support in the back. That gives you better posture while sucking in your stomach. The elastic side panels are crisscrossed, and they offer added protection from staining the important oblique muscles that run up the side of your ribcage. The two layers of stretch wrap can be cinched up independently, so you can adjust it for comfort and support almost infinitely.

Convenience and adjustability are important for a lower back brace, and the Neoprene Double Pull Lower Back Support Brace is easily adjusted by way of a wide Velcro band. The belt contains neoprene rubber, the same material you’ll find in a diver’s wetsuit. That holds in warmth that keeps the muscles in your lower back more limber.

What’s Not to Like

A few users object to the somewhat rubbery smell of the neoprene belt when it first comes out of the package, but also report that it fades away quickly if you wear it.

Final Word

Over 70 percent of users give the Neoprene Double Pull Lower Back Support Brace at least four out of 5.  Many users employ it to help with existing back problems, but many others use it as a weightlifting belt, a lightweight brace for activities like golf, or as a support for doing heavy work in locations like a warehouse or a job site.

The Double Pull is amazingly affordable, so you can’t go wrong giving it a try if you’re suffering from lower back pain.

4. NMT Lower Back Brace-Posture Relief

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Most back support belts are designed to add strength to your back, but few offer true health benefits like the NMT Lower Back Brace. The NMT is FDA and CE approved to relieve pain, reduce swelling, and speed relief and healing while it prevents further damage.

  • Belt uses magnetic stimulation to speed healing of muscles and other tissues
  • Belt offers inner and outer adjustable strapping for increased support and comfort
  • Improves blood circulation while it supports your back
  • Holds in warmth to relax muscles and ease soreness
  • Excellent for healing strained muscles
What’s to Like About the NMT Lower Back Brace

The NMT Lower Back Brace is very lightweight, but it’s wider than many competing designs. It offers much more abdominal support and covers more of your lower back than other belts. That gives you more support while at the same time spreading the force of the elastic belts over a wider area to make the belt more comfortable to wear for long periods.

What’s Not to Like

Because the NMT Lower Back Brace has magnetic properties, it’s not suitable for people who have a pacemaker, or for women who are pregnant.

Final Word

An overwhelming percentage of users give the NMT Lower Back Brace at least 4 out of 5. Because of the belt’s wide coverage and therapeutic effects, people who have serious back problems love it.

Many reviewers have turned to the NMT after failing to get relief from other brands, and they love the extra support the belt offers.

If you want a back support belt that offers a little something extra, the NMT might be just the thing for you.

5. MUELLER Lumbar Back Brace

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The Mueller is one of the most versatile back belts we’ve seen. It has a familiar double layer design that lets you adjust the amount of tension in both the inner and outer strap. It also offers other options that other belts don’t have. The belt has flexible steel supports located right along the spine to give superb lumbar reinforcement.

It also has two removable lumbar pad cushions that add even more support if desired.

  • Lightweight, breathable fabric is comfortable to wear
  • Can be worn under normal, loose-fitting clothing
  • The optional pads keep the belt from digging into the hips when you’re exercising or playing sports like golf
  • Offers support without interfering with range of motion
  • Recommended by doctors and chiropractors
  • Adjustable inner and outer bands
What’s to Like About the Mueller Lumbar Back Brace

If you need relief from back pain, a belt that can’t be worn comfortably for long periods won’t help much. The Mueller Lumbar Back Brace is lightweight but effective, and since you can take out two additional lumbar pads, you can add more support when you need it, or take them out when you want to feel less constricted.

What’s Not to Like

A few reviewers complained that the belt sizes run a little small, so if you’re unsure of which size to order, go for the larger size. The larger sizes are quite a bit more expensive than the smaller sizes, however.

Final Word

The Mueller Lumbar Back Brace is a best seller, and there are thousands of reviews available. An astounding percentage of users rate the Mueller at 4 or better out of 5.

The removable pads and the steel lumbar support make the Mueller more versatile than many of its competitors, and users report that they can wear the belt comfortably whether they’re sitting, standing, doing heavy work, or playing sports.The Mueller Lumbar Back Brace is a great choice if you need good performance along with versatility.

6. Bauerfeind Sacroloc Back Support

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Those who have suffered from lower back pain understand how difficult it can be to find products that offer a good level of support while also being discreet enough to wear comfortably under clothing. The BauerfeindSacroloc Back Support system is intended to remedy those issues entirely.

The support targets the sacroiliac joints specifically and has been designed to ensure that the user does not feel too warm while wearing it. This means it can be used at all times of the year without having to worry about feeling uncomfortable on particularly hot days.

  • Offers stability for the lower back and relieves pressure that back pain sufferers feel.
  • Made in Germany and tested to ensure it meets rigorous quality standards.
  • Comes with an adjustable tension strap so that you can alter the support as needed.
  • Made using a breathable material that will keep you cool during all times of the year.
  • Made specifically to target the sacroiliac joints.
What’s To Like about Bauerfeind Sacroloc Back Support

The product has received praise for its effectiveness, with many customers stating that you definitely get what you pay for. Others have also mentioned that the customer service offered by Bauerfeind is exemplary, so you shouldn’t have any issues even though they are based in Germany.

What’s Not To Like

Negative feedback has been fairly limited though some users believe that they may be a bit smaller than advertised, even when taking the adjustable tension strap into account. This may be due to slight differences in sizing between the United States and Europe, but that is yet to be confirmed.

The Final Word

Those suffering from lower back pain would be well advised to look into trying this product. Though the price tag may be a little steep for those who are shopping on a budget, the feedback from the 9 reviews that have been placed so far suggests that it does everything it claims and can provide genuine relief. It currently has a 4.7 out of 5 rating.

7. Back Brace from BaX-u

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A good back brace needs to offer a combination of comfort and support, which is exactly what BaX-u aims to achieve with this product. Working closely with doctors of chiropractic medicine, the brace has been created to offer support to all of the most common problem areas for the back, ensuring the user gets what they need.

Better yet, the lightweight design ensures that you will be able to wear it under your clothing without any problems at all. This means it is ideal for people working in office jobs who want to be able to relieve the pains caused by incorrect posture, without being obvious about it.

  • Made using silk for added comfort.
  • Designed with the help of doctors of chiropractic, in order to ensure high quality is offered.
  • Approved by Medicare, which means you may be able to receive a reimbursement of the money you spend.
  • Exceptionally easy to put on and take off.
  • Lightweight design allows it to be easily worn underneath clothes.
What’s To Like About The Back Brace from BaX-u

A lot of people have commented on how this brace is capable of improving posture, with a lot of people working at office jobs finding that they slouch much less while wearing it. Others have pointed to the lightweight design as a definite positive and have taken to wearing the brace throughout the course of the day.

What’s Not To Like

A few people have claimed that the Velcro straps used by the product are uncomfortable to wear while some others believe that it makes use of polyester, rather than silk. A few of those who have needed to contact customer service to talk about the product have found the company to be a little unresponsive as well.

Final Word

This is a dark horse contender for the best back brace, as those who like the product sing its praises, whereas those who don’t seem to really dislike it. This means you may be taking something of a risk when making a purchase though it will be worth it if the brace is able to offer the relief that it advertises.

8. Neo G Medical Grade Dorsolumbar Support

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Specifically designed to correctly align the dorsal and lumbar spine, the Neo G Dorsolumbar Brace provides the support needed to relieve early thoracic kyphosis. Its firm and flexible construction keep the muscles, joints and spine assuming the correct posture in the most comfortable manner possible, which results to the even distribution of weight on the lower back.

The brace is also made of  breathable material and can be adjusted for custom fit, making it comfortable to wear under exterior clothing.

  • Supports and relieves early kyphosis
  • Helps those with slumping shoulders and a rounded back to improve posture
  • Comes with firm and flexible stays, which allows user to provide additional back support to the desired level
  • Made of breathable material
  • Adjustable straps and comfort arm pads for added comfort and flexibility
  • Slimline support makes it inconspicuous when worn under everyday clothing
  • Registered as a Class 1 Medical Device with Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (UK)
What’s to like about Neo G Dorsolumbar Support

A big majority of buyers heaped praises on this brace on account of how it effortlessly fixed their posture, most especially those who were suffering from slumped shoulders and/or a rounded back. It goes to show how the posture brace’s myriad of features (adjustable velcro straps, lower back padding, etc.) are able to work hand in hand to provide users the kind of support that is as comfortable as it is functional.

As can be gleaned from the customer reviews, this posture brace has proven to be beneficial for those who are suffering from scoliosis, kyphosis, osteoarthritis, and spina bifida occulta, among many others. No  wonder the Neo G Medical Grade support was registered as a Class 1 Medical Device.

What’s not to like

The tricky thing about posture braces is that they are not meant to feel comfortable when worn for the very first time, at least for the first few hours. And as expected with many other posture braces, the Neo G Medical Grade Dorsolumbar Support received some criticisms saying that it felt uncomfortable – particularly under the armpits.

One customer review suggested that when wearing the brace, the shoulder straps should hold on to the bones of the brace on the front to maintain and secure the supports.

Final Word

The Neo G Medical Grade Dorsolumbar Support is a great product if you’re a regular sufferer of slumped shoulders and a rounded back. It’s flexible and firm and works great when worn under clothing. It’s good enough to receive a customer review average of 3.9 with 69% rating it at least 4 out of 5.

9. Bauerfeind LumboTrain Back Support

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Bauerfeind have developed something of a reputation for creating high quality products, particularly when it comes to offering support to areas of the body. They are able to create products to the highest possible standards, ensuring that users get all of the support that they need, without sacrificing too much movement.

Made using breathable fabric, to ensure user-comfort levels remain high, this back supporter ensures that lower back pain is reduced enormously while also helping with your posture so that you can work on the long term issues that have led to your back pain.

  • Offers support to the lumbar vertebrae while also massaging it during the course of use.
  • Ideal for dealing with lower back pain and issues related to tense muscles.
  • Made using a breathable fabric, to ensure comfort.
  • Machine-washable and made to adapt to the user’s body over time.
  • Made to an exceptionally high standard.
What’s To Like About The BauerfeindLumboTrain Back Support

A lot of people have commented on the level of support offered by the product, with many also making sure to point to the massage nodes that are included as being very helpful for relieving pain. Others have also commented on the delivery time, with fast delivery appearing to be common across almost every review.

What’s Not To Like

Negative feedback is very thin on the ground at the moment, with the lowest rating received for the product being 3 out of 5. Even those reviews noted how good the product is though one questioned the price and whether or not they were getting true value for money.

Final Word

Assuming that you can afford the fairly hefty asking price, you will find that this is one of the best back supporters on the market. The 4.5 out of 5 rating that it currently carries attests to this and you will find that the dual massage and support system is capable of relieving almost any form of lower back pain.

10. AidBrace Back Support Belt

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AidBrace Back Support Belt brings industrial strength support and concentrated compression to realign the spine while relieving the pressure on the lower back.  Equipped with double tension side strap pulls and detachable suspender straps, this support belt guarantees a snug fit and ensures better mobility. It’s built to last for years owing to the thick and durable material it’s made of.

Last but not least, its breathable back mesh lining allows more than enough ventilation to keep you comfortable even when you’re doing strenuous physical activities.

  • Strong support for the lower back
  • Equipped with 7 stability bars for more focused compression
  • Double tension side strap pulls to provide a better fit for all body shapes and sizes
  • Detachable suspender straps for added versatility and comfort
  • Made of thick and durable material to withstand strenuous physical activities
  • Breathable back mesh lining for added comfort
What’s to like about AidBrace

If you want a support brace that can help you better handle 8-12 hour work days, the AidBrace certainly fits the bill. A lot of customers attested to the fact that this one provides great support and superior comfort at the same time. Moreover, it has design specifics that facilitate movement while keeping the compression focused in a way that can improve your posture. The breathable material makes it even more suitable for extended wear.

What’s not to like

The only complaint this product received had something to do with the XXL sizing being made too small (not much difference from the XL ones). Hopefully, the manufacturer has already fixed this issue.

Final Word

AidBrace rocked in every category that determines a great posture brace. It’s comfortable, provides strong support, realigns the spine effectively, comfortable, and allows better mobility. A lot of buyers would agree, what with the product averaging 4.6 stars (85% of buyers gave it a perfect 5) in customer reviews.

11. Ergodyne ProFlex Standard Elastic Back Support Belt

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The ProFlex 1600 Support Belt is the byproduct of 30 positive epidemiological studies spanning 25 years of research. Thanks to its elastic 9-inch body, you get support that’s flexible and firm. It comes with a myriad of design specifics that bolster comfortability and flexibility, which can prove beneficial for long and strenuous physical activities.

It’s also got adjustable suspenders to accommodate different body shapes and sizes. Aside from providing truncal support, the ProFlex 1600 prevents back injuries caused by heavy lifting.

  • 9-inch body for elastic and firm back support
  • Contoured high-cut front panel
  • Non-conductive polypropylene stays for added comfort
  • Adjustable detachable suspenders
  • Stretchable bias binding plus zig-zag stitching
What’s to like about ProFlex 1600

A big majority of buyers can attest to the effectivity with which the ProFlex 1600 is able to relieve a lot of stress on the lower back when doing demanding physical work such as heavy lifting, exercises, gardening, and many others. It’s secure, easy to adjust, and really helps in cutting down on the pain even after prolonged physical toil.

Moreover, the quality of the brace can hold up for many years, owing to its high quality velcro material.

What’s not to like

A few customers noted that the shoulder straps tend to ride up and loosen after having used the brace for some time.

Final Word

The ProFlex 1600 defies expectations despite its cheap price. Put this on and you can finally say goodbye to your aching back. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s easy to adjust and stays put even when you move a lot. Averaging 4.5 stars in customer reviews, it won’t be farfetched to say that the ProFlex 1600 is now one of the most recommended back braces on the market.

How to Choose the Best Back Support Brace for You

There are so many models to choose from, suitable for any budget, that it doesn’t make any sense to suffer from lower back pain without looking for a back belt that can help. Choose the model that suits your lifestyle, and if you need more versatility or more support, there are models available that can help you. You’ve really got nothing to lose but your back pain!




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