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Finally an Impressive New Remington XR1370 Hyper Series


Finally an Impressive New Remington XR1370 Hyper Series

Remington_XR1370_Hyper_SeriesRemington XR1370 Hyper First Impression

Many consumers in the market might not have noticed this classy Rotary shaver by Remington, notable for it’s new look, features and ergonomic design. The classy look and the feel are instant attention grabbers.  The textured, slip free grip is shaped to fit comfortably in your hand. I like the concept of the numeric display and the enhanced shaver head technology.

I’m a fan of Remington moustache and beard trimmers, but most Remington electric shavers have failed to impressed me until this sleek and elegant New Remington XR1370 Hyper shaver arrived. As Remington have claimed, this is a superior quality rotary shaver when compared to the rest of the Remington range.


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What is so Good About this Latest State of the Art Hyper-Shaver?

XR1370 is truly a skin friendly shaver. This shaver is ideal for all types of hair and meant to handle strong facial hair growth. This is designed to tackle tough hairs and eliminate skin irritation. If you have been looking for a rotary shaver that is packed with features and performance this shaver’s results will justify the investment in innovation by Remington.

The Precision Plus Heads are an improvised technology vying for the label of finest innovation in the shaver market. Pulling and tugging of hair is very common while shaving, so to tackle this issue the shaver heads have separate slots and holes to capture long and short hairs effectively.

A Twin track blade system allows the blade to reach the skin level and cut the hairs at the base. This feature is important to get the closest shave possible, by tackling stubborn stubble in one pass.

Ergonomic design means maximum efficiency with comfort and style. While the flexing heads independently to reach the difficult areas like the chin, the flexible Rotary neck assists in the movement of the flexing heads delivering a dual performance benefit, for a comfortable shave.

As the name HyperFlex™ already suggest, it’s ability to flex the neck of the entire head to any angle, helps to mold to the shape of the face for efficient  one pass, shaving with maximum comfort.

Remington_XR1370While the integrated head can twist and turn at the base, the three independent cutting heads have the ability to float and flex in and out independently with exemplary dexterity and respond to the contours of your face. The ability to flex the heads individually, allows maximum reach into difficult areas like the chin and neck area.

This is a travel friendly shaver and a must have for travelers. The Lithium battery drives maximum power and torque to the motor, that give 60 minutes of cordless shaving.

An elegant and light-weight charging stand is an added bonus when you travel. It not only does the job of a stand but acts as a protective wrapper for safe storage when you are on the move. It also functions as a travel lock to prevent the shaver from accidentally turning on in your travel bag. It is not bulky, like other shavers, that come with a huge charging and cleaning dock.

With WetTech™ there is nothing like the flexibility and freedom of choosing to shave in the shower with gel or foam for comfort, or to simply shave dry for quick easy shaves.

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Pick My Shaver Verdict on XR1370

XR1370Though the XR1370 may not promise a similar shaving experience of the high-end shavers, (like the best of Philip Norelco), it is surely a step up for Remington, helping to bridge the gap between it, and  some of the best Norelco and Braun shavers. For irritation free shaving this is an alternative to high-end shavers, Those of you looking for great features and performance in the price range of $70-100, might just find it here. This is a shaver that will assure you gentle shaves.

This shaver is created for all types of hair. However, if you have a very heavy and thick beard and don’t want to take chances we would recommend you to check other shavers like the Philip Norelco Sensotouch 3D/1250 (review) which rightly holds the mantle of one the best Rotary shavers on the market.

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