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Philips Norelco 1160X SensoTouch 2D – An Excellent Mid-End Shaver


Philips Norelco 1160X SensoTouch 2D – An Excellent Mid-End Shaver

panasonic_norelco_1160x_sensotouch_2dWhile Philips Norelco comes with varied models to suit our requirements, we take the advantage of the options and choices available in the market.

Straight forward suggestions before you buy Norelco 1160x

Norelco 1160x/42 is created for those of you who want a performance shaver packed with the best cleaning system and features. If you are likely to be of  the opinion after purchase, that the cleaning dock is too bulky or it is not necessary to pay $45 for the jet clean system,( with the likely additional costs for the cleaning fluid in the future), you can easily just choose the Philips Norelco 1150X/40 SensoTouch 2D Electric Razor without the jet clean system. All SensoTouch shavers are known for their smooth and irritation free shaves.

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If you are willing to clean your shaver manually then the 1150x/40 is ideal for you. These models have the same features and functions. The only differences between the two are the replacement heads indicator, the trimmer arrangements and the Jet clean system as added components.1160x has a pop up trimmer and the 1150x has the trimmer attachment.

Similarly, the Philips Norelco 3D line has the option of a model with the jet clean system (Philips Norelco 1250x/40) and without the cleaning system (Philip Norelco 1250x/40). To checkout even more basic, but efficient and reliable shavers, read our  Philips Norelco AT830 PowerTouch with Aquatec review.

I really like the idea of keeping my shaver in good condition. The jet clean system and solution, sounds expensive but if you really consider the importance of cleaning and lubricating your shaver, I bet it is worth it. The jet clean system will keep your shaver like new. This is one investment that will pay for itself in the long run.

Honestly, we have a tendency to drop the rating of a shaver just because of the job and maintenance required after shaving. Our number one goal is to get the best shaving experience. We all are looking for a performance shaver that is close, irritation free and gentle on our skin. We simply need to choose the Electric Shaver that is best suited to our personal needs.

Ultimate shaving experience with Norelco 1160x

We often talk about the problem of shavers, which are less effective in the curved areas of the face ( commonly known as problem areas), like the jaw, chin or the neck. To tackle this issue the Gyro-flex motion gives more flexibility to enhance cutting performance. As the name suggests, the Gyro-Flexed head can flex in two different ways to adjust to the shapes of your face. While the tip of the individual head flexes inwards as you glide the shaver along the surface of the skin. This shaver is designed to follow every curve.

A really smooth shaves is possible with 2d dual precision heads that incorporates shaving tracks, with slots that cut normal hairs and very short stubble effectively. Both the 2d and 3d uses lift & cut technology. For comfortable cut, the hair is lifted above skin level,to cut the hair very close in one efficient pass.

It has a skin friendly skin glide feature for comfortable dry shaves and or convenient wet shaves, with minimal irritation to your skin. The shaver has wet and dry ‘Aquatic seal’ that allows you to use it either way at your convenience.

We don’t expect you to drag the jet cleaner dock along with you when you travel, but this is a travel friendly shaver. The heavy-duty lithium-ion battery should conveniently give 17 days’ shaving when fully charged. Press the on/off button for 3 seconds to activate or deactivate the travel lock mode.


Philips Norelco 2D Vs 3D

As we have discussed, the 2d and 3d indicate variations in the heads. The 3d shaver’s head pivots and flexes in 3 directions, 360 degrees. The tips of the head can flex inwards in 2d shaver whereas the 3d can flex inwards and outwards as we slide the heads along the skin. The 3d has a unique ultra trace design to capture hairs of different types. It has separate slots for normal hairs, holes for short hairs and channels for long and flat lying hairs while the 2d has a dual precision head for short and normal hairs. The 3d has an integrated trimmer and the 2d comes with a click on trimmer.

sensotouch_1160xOther Information

Please read the manual carefully. Wrongly operating the Shaver, improper shaving techniques and faulty cleaning processes, can lead to unsatisfactory results which are often mistaken for inadequacies of the Shaver.


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