Modern Braun electric shavers never compromise on quality and performance. They simply do not produce low end shavers. Braun is all German engineering and the product is impressive. Of all the top electric shavers,Braun shavers are undoubtedly amongst the most comfortable of all time. Braun delivers efficient cutting performance and gives the kind of closeness we all look for.

No wonder, so many men choose Braun as their preferred electric shaver year after year.

When you buy a Braun shaver you can be assured of its performance, quality, value for money and durability. The latest Braun series 7 is lab tested to last for at least 7 years. This shaver gives remarkably close shaves and is exceptionally smooth on the skin because it requires fewer strokes to get the desired result. Braun shavers are hard to beat and an easy choice if you want the best the market has to offer.


Top Braun Electric shavers

  • braun-series7790cc-small_70x80Braun Series 7 790cc (Read Review) – This is Braun’s Best Creation yet. A shaver that will continue to impress users for many years. The ultimate choice for an ultimate shaving experience. You’ll likely vote this shaver as the best on the market if performance along with comfort is your priority.
  • braun_series_5_5090ccBraun Series 5 5090CC (Read Review) – Cutting longer hair is more comfortable with this shaver as compared to others in the range from Braun, thanks to the  new Flexible Cutting Elements. If you have Sensitive Skin, Try this Braun 5 5090 Electric Shaver for a Gentle and Close Shave with a Minimum Irritation.


  • braun-3series-340-s_smallBraun 3Series 340S-4 (Read Review) – This shaver is cheap, with no bells and whistles, but still incorporates all the basic and necessary features of high-end shavers, and provides a quality shaving experience. It is reasonably priced and a great choice for people who like simplicity and solid performance.


  • Cooltec_shaverBraun CoolTech (Review) – People with sensitive skin always struggle to find the right shaver for their requirements. Braun CoolTech shavers promise and deliver what other shavers lack when dealing with sensitive skin.


While deciding on your best electric shaver you may need to consider various factors that will influence your overall shaving experience and these factors will vary from one individual to another. But generally, we all have a common set of standards which include comfort, closeness, shaver quality and value for money. The various top brands pursue individual paths while manufacturing their shavers.

Let’s take a look at the direction and characteristics of these top brands,but keep in mind that this is just an overall picture and might not be applicable to every shaver.

Top electric shaver brands for Comfort in order are : Braun, Panasonic, Philips and Remington

Top electric shaver brands for Closeness are : Panasonic, Braun, Remington and Philips

Top electric shaver brands for product quality are : Panasonic, Braun, Philips and Remington

Top electric shaver brands for Value-for-money are : Remington, Philips, Braun and Panasonic

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