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This is our Six Pack Shortcuts review. Six Pack Shortcuts is a video training course that was created by fitness expert Mike Chang. He is an ISSA certified trainer. If you aren’t familiar with the ISSA, it is the International Sports Sciences Association. This is the fitness training program that Mike completed to become a certified trainer, before he created this abdominal workout program. This program is the a very up to date and effective product to follow to get six pack abs.

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Before you think this is just another phony review, get this.

I actually went through and bought Six Pack Shortcuts. I bought it with my own money, and got full access to the program. I posted a couple screenshots below so you can see what the members are looks like.

The first thing that I noticed immediately, is that Mike Chang loves to make videos, and he makes them explaining every single part of the program. This makes the system very easy to go through and understand, because he explains everything right in front of you. You won’t miss anything, or read over anything, because he simply describes all that you need to know throughout the videos.

He also has videos showing all of the exercises you will be doing in Six Pack Shortcuts. There is a different video for each exercise. The program doesn’t only contain exercises though. He presents the members of the program with simple recipes and diet plans which will help you lose weight and gain lean muscle along with the workouts.

After getting the six pack program, I feel like I have my own personal trainer to push and motivate me. It will definitely take some time and dedication from your part, but you will have everything you need to build a ripped set of abs.

In my opinion, the Six Pack Shortcuts workout program is the easiest abdominal workout program to follow along with, simply because of the way Mike has put it together. Thousands of people around the world have achieved great results from Six Pack Shortcuts, and it’s easy to see why.

What You Get With Six Pack Shortcuts

• Full Access to ALL the Six Pack Shortcuts videos
• 27 of Mike’s Best Workouts
• Killer Bodyweight Exercises and High Intensity Cardio
• 17 Ab Exercises To Define Your Core
• Advanced Muscle Building and Fat Loss Theory
• Unlimited Phone Support From Mike’s Certified Personal Trainer Team
• Unlimited Email Support From Mike

27 of Mike’s Best Workouts: These 27 workouts have been specially designed and optimized for getting Mike’s clients in shape as fast as possible. Each of the workouts last between 20 and 30 minutes but are at a very high intensity. There is also a quick start workout guide which contains all of the exercises that are done in Six Pack Shortcuts in one place.

Killer Bodyweight Exercises and High Intensity Cardio: There are 31 bodyweight exercises included in the program that are in this section. These exercises are excellent for building strength and muscle mass. Most of these exercises are great for rapid fat loss, functional strength, and athleticism as well.

17 Ab Exercises To Define Your Core: After you have lost enough belly fat where you can start to see your abs, you can start to do some of the 17 direct abdominal exercises that are designed to define your core. These exercises tend to be more effective than plan crunches, or sit-ups. They are also safer than crunches or sit-ups as well because they don’t place unnecessary strain on your spine.

Mike Chang, creator of Six Pack Shortcuts

Advanced Muscle Building and Fat Loss Theory: These are the principles behind building muscle and losing fat. This gives you the ability to customize the program so it suits your needs based on your lifestyle and target physique. This will also help you avoid newbie mistakes that people make when trying to get in shape, as well as save you time.

Support: You will receive unlimited email support from Mike Chang himself. But he also has a team of physical trainers waiting to take your phone calls. I can say that I’ve never seen phone support on any fitness program I’ve reviewed, so this is very unique.

The Afterburn Effect

Even though this doesn’t seem correct to most people at first, the calories you burn after your workout is even more important than the calories you burn during your workout. The 48 hours after your workout, you will burn a very substantial amount of calories. This is one of the ‘shortcuts’ in Six Pack Shortcuts. He takes advantage of the after burn effect so that you body is effectively burning fat post-workout.

This effect is triggered by doing high intensity cardio workouts. When you pair these high intensity workouts with moderate weight training, it can really start to define the ab muscles. Most of the workouts Mike Chang teaches you, are able to be done without the aid of any gym equipment, and can be completed right in your home.

Video Training

If you are turned off by reading through pages of PDFs on your computer, then you should note that Six Pack Shortcuts comes in a bunch of informative and entertaining videos made by Mike himself. The videos are of high quality, and you can access them from any computer once you have access to the program, since they are hosted online. You can also download them and put them on a portable device so you can watch them from wherever you want.

Throughout the videos Mike explains, and shows you the specific weight, cardio, and abdominal exercises that can be combined to define your core. Mike takes a very straightforward approach to teaching his methods. Being a certified personal trainer, it is clear that he knows how to treat his clients with respect, while at the same time pushing them to achieve the next goal.

All of the videos throughout the program are very entertaining and informative. The presentation of the videos is incredible, and the guy is just fun to listen to. He has a naturally motivation attitude to him. In the videos Mike is very straightforward. He is scientific in his approach.


If you get this program, you will have everything you need to develop a nice set of six pack abs. Mike’s approach is radical. He combines intense cardio, and a high rep weight training routine to get you in good shape and define your core. He will keep you motivated every step of the way to help make sure you achieve your goals.

How To Get The Program

You can get Six Pack Shortcuts by following the official link I have provided below this paragraph. After you have reached the official sales page, you will be presented with the video at the top. You can scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page where you will see a yellow ‘Add To Cart’ button. It will take you to the secure order form page. Your order will be processed through Clickbank, so you know your credit card information is safe. You will also receive instant access to Six Pack Shortcuts as soon as you complete your purchase. Click the link below to be sent to the official sales page and get the lowest current price.

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Important: Don’t get scammed by bogus sites! Use our link to the official website.

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