Guide to the gym for women to own body details as desired

Currently, women go the gym and perform desire to own beautiful body a lot more comfortable and so was her husband and lover supporters.

Each episode riders have separate goals: Reduce fat, gain weight, sleek, set for a more rounded butt,pendulous buttocks … You absolutely can achieve the correct practice methods.

Have you ever stopped watching 1 beautiful dress but do not dare try to humans.
In today’s society, beauty is a huge advantage, even at work, communicate and happy family.

But go the gym of women was quite crowded, but according to statistics GymLord own, nearly all of you to the gym not knowing what episode? Using this machine look like? This collective effect? want nice toned ring 3 is set something? eating like?

Go to the gym and only stared at the machine running, may properly wait to take turns running 20p.Meanwhile, for 20p you can completely finish one HIIT workout burn fat more efficiently walk your 45p.

Or higher, with a 4-minute Tabata effectively than 1 hour cycling in the gym, 1 hour of Zumba, yoga 2 hours, 1 hour or 2 hour walk run.

This is a general article and detailed instructions for the sisters can form the concept of your workout, how to achieve the goal.

There are four main steps you need to identify and understand. Read steps 1, read detailed step GymLord given knowledge, it will help you figure out what to do without having prior to the gym.

And do not try to read it all in one session, read slowly to understand the real problem.

I. First, the need to address the fear of going to the gym and sisters

Question: Female gym, fitness limbs have not really been to a haunted so many girls ever.

GymLord want to answer the most thorough, the most readily help you not afraid anymore. Go walker male we were watching the women VN with a healthy body, full of life.

These are scientific knowledge, integrated study of foreigners, not by themselves devised.

II. Step 2, identify training objectives to be achieved

The file you like this, then what? Do not set anything?

To answer each question in detail for each one really is impossible. Because each person has unique characteristics, different circumstances.

But GymLord still propose to you one of the most common standard base to determine the objectives to be achieved for the body and your health in training:

1. Determine the percentage of body fat:
As recommended, women aged 20-39 should keep fat percentage at 21% to 33%. Try to put it at close to 21% is possible.

2. Determine Body Mass Index (BMI) and Waist Hip Ratio (WHR): (Available tools and solve calculation results with Body Fat Calculator above)

BMI should be maintained in the range of 18.5 to 25.
WHR of women should be kept at about 0.7-0.8

You note the relationship between WHR and BMI.

If WHR substandard but your BMI threshold of 25 means no good.
If BMI standards but too small WHR proved undeveloped your butt. Attention should be paid to this practice in order to achieve beautiful proportion.


A. – Body Fat High> 33%
– High BMI> 25
– WHR> 0.8
– Biceps, thighs, belly fat than heaven;)
Objective: Reduce the fat immediately

B. – 25% Body Fat
– BMI Standard
– WHR ~ 0.9
Objective: Exercise improves 3

C. – Body Fat <21%
– BMI <18.5
– WHR ~ 0.9
– Skeletal limbs are small, there are no signs of ass 🙁
Objective: Increase the weight and especially improved within 3

However, the aesthetic eye itself and the people around is important, consult the people to be able to improve his physique perfectly 1.

III. Step 3, the most important factor to achieve the goal: Nutrition
1 confuse extremely popular in bodybuilding of VN, even for men. Almost no difference between training methods between men and women, between the goal to create different results. Except for male weight lifting has owned multiple congenital muscular than females.
It creates a difference in results between the different objectives that is NUTRITION.
Here are instructions Nutrition for Women:
1. The total amount of calories
The most important factor in the setup 1 diet that is the total calories. Total caloric intake will determine whether you gain weight, lose weight or keep weight.
You do not get blinded by the weight-loss drugs to the advertisement fell 2-4 kg in 1 week with only a few pills. Xin said the new enema only do the same thing and also affect long-term health.
So how do I know the total calories should use for each person to be able to achieve or maintain weight, increase or decrease?
Researchers have synthesized a Total Daily Energy Expenditure formula (TDEE). This is the formula to calculate the amount of calories needed in one day in order to keep the balance. From the results, the more calories you will gain weight up and reduce the amount of calories to lose weight.
sition of nutrients in Diet regime
Having known my calorie needs in one day. The next job that is build a full meal factor: Protein, Carb and Fat. In other words it is dividing the total number of calories into small components.
Calories come from three main components: Protein, Carb and Fat
1g Protein 4 calories
Carb for 4 calories 1g
1g Fat 9 calories
With the 1 total calories. But a diet with 70% of calories come from carbohydrates, 20% from 10% Fat and Protein comes from will surely bring different results than diet 40% of calories from carbohydrates, 40% from protein and 20% come from Fat.
With the majority of the girls go in order to have one beautiful body, reduce fat.
GymLord proposed rate:
– 40% Protein
– 40% Carb
– 20% Fat
So the next question is how to reach out to calculate the amount of calories in a meal? How many come from protein, Carb and Fat?
You take the time to calculate by hand based on the nutrient composition data in the next food. GymLord is complete computational tools for you.
3. Nutritional Quality
With one piece of fresh pork sausage and 1 slice can have the same amount of protein, fat, but their effects on the body are not the same.
Food quality is also extremely important in the diet.
4. Drinking adequate water
Water is the main ingredient, important in the body. It accounts for 70% of your body weight and the environment for all activities may metabolism.
You may have noticed, in all the advice to lose weight, increase muscle, or just get fit, always have adequate drinking water advice.
The study shows that water shortages caused terrible health consequences in both the short term and long term for the body. Water shortages 1% compared to body weight can reduce muscle performance by 10%.
So how much water is enough? Tips legend that is 8×8. Every day drink 8 glasses of water 8oz.
The amount of water depends on the following factors: exercise, environment humidity, temperature, sweat, …
Drink more simply so that urine is white, or yellow is fine.
It is necessary to drink water during the day, so drink water during exercise that right is also an important knowledge?
5. Sleep and adequate rest
The requirement for all exercise goals were to sleep enough. Optimize least 1 day 8 hours of sleep and deep sleep to sleep before 12 pm.
Insufficient sleep leads to negative effects on the body, especially the disruption of hormones in the body.
This is really very difficult for night owls but no other way. And people under the control of the biological clock.

6. healthy daily habit

This probably should not mention in detail with women because smoking rates, alcohol consumption of women is low. But speaking is not excessive, try to avoid the smoke and alcohol as possible.

IV. Step 4, exercise regime
GymLord will build one of the calendar help you file complete details to help you totally do not have knowledge about the gym can be used.

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But if you just ignore the file under that reading the above knowledge, the GymLord assure you effectively can not exceed 30%.

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