5 Steps to Weight Loss and Fat belly

 Weight Loss and Fat belly

Reducing belly fat or weight loss in general is extremely headache problem you encountered in this regard. I know a lot of you girls lose sleep worrying about issues slimming, or even you are dieting to the point of stomach pain, severe stress.

Most recently as deaths after dosing weight gain, weight loss.

Really I want to emphasize that the theory of weight loss there are many and not hard.
The problem is that everyone wants to fast, quick weight loss, they must, under a new rapid fat loss, despite bringing harm to the body.

Another issue was the real problem: Most people do not have enough patience, the determination to carry out its objectives. There is so much to quibble: 1 alright this once; I do not have time;…

This article of GymLord will provide detailed steps, most importantly during slimming

Step 1: Consuming more calories than the amount loaded

Problem calories consumed and intake the most important and should be considered first.
Perhaps many of you have heard this formula but I will have to repeat:

When we eat food, one part used to build the body, most of the remaining supply energy for the body to function.

4 calories 1 gram of protein provides energy
1 gram of sugar provides 4 calories of energy
Fat provides 9 calories 1 gram of energy

Synthesis of food intake will provide total calorie intake.
When we exercise, breathe, love, … to use the energy for such operations. Total energy use => Total calorie consumption.

1. The amount of calories consumed is less than the calories you loaded in: You will gain weight
2. The amount of calories consumed with calories you loaded in: You will keep the weight
3. The amount of calories consumed is greater than the calories you loaded in: You will lose weight

So the problem lies in how to calculate calorie intake and calorie consumption.

Wait, first we need to determine the amount of calories to maintain your current weight.
Scientists have calculated and create formulas to estimate the total calories in 1 day 1 who need to keep weight. That is TDEE – Total Daily Energy Expenditure.

You just fill out a simple computer calculations for you:

2505 is the number of calories you should eat in one day to keep the weight of 65 kg, the activity level 1 week 3-5 sessions.

One note, the results of the formula are estimates based on the data you provide, but it is possible to give you an exact mold base to determine the total number of calories in one day.

To lose weight, you will have the following options:

1. Reduce calorie intake.
2. Increase the amount of calories consumed.
3. Reduce calorie intake and increase calorie consumption.

Problems increase their calorie consumption will speak at P hần 3: Practice

Problems reduce your calorie intake should be reduced so that also correct:

When reducing calories too much and suddenly, there will be fat and water down very fast but is accompanied by countless harms not measurable.

Additionally, if your body fall into the trap “mode hungry” is not even weight loss, but also makes you more fat.

Advice given here, you should decrease gradually to 10% TDEE, or if you want faster one bit may fall within the 20% reduction TDEE and within 1 day of 500 calories.

For every 7700 calories you cut, you will drop weight 1kg.
Every day you cut 500 calories, equivalent to 0.5 kg a week is reduced. Each month there is almost 2kg.

Step 2: Eat like?

After you have determined is TDEE, your problem now is to design for a reasonable meal.

The meal should be designed to meet the following objectives:
1. The total amount of calories of the meal = with calories to lose weight has been determined in Step 1.
2. Nutrient composition to ensure adequate nutrition, a reasonable proportion of the components of protein, sugar and fats in the diet.
3. The amount of calories each meal should be optimized: Eat in the morning, noon and less and eat fewer evenings (limited road in the evening).

If the determination of calories for you to not be done because you eat with family or eat at work.

You can use the estimate as follows: If your current diet you are doing you keep the balance, please:

Eating more than one bit in the morning. Cut 1/2 starch at noon. Cut 2/3 to 3/4 the normal amount of food starch in the evening.

Note: starch = Sugar = Carb.

Step 3: Exercise

Before going into the training session, GymLord want you to remember one thing, you can not control is the reduction of fat in one area of ​​the body. That means you can not lose belly fat by gathering belly! Reduce fat by hand after hand after practice!

Fat will fall on the entire body and in parts more or less has been specified in your genes. And the fat accumulation, too, they will appear on the entire body, where more or less, you can not control.

As stated above, the exercise not only increases the total amount of calories consumed. That exercise also works to improve health and help the body better as weight loss, makes skin firmer after fat loss, …

Many people only think of exercise in weight loss encapsulated in jogging, aerobics, jumping rope, …
There is one problem is if you perform one exercise, one method repeated in one time, the body will adapt to us, as the body consumes less energy when it exercise. And so efficiently burn calories decreases.

There are many other methods also extremely effective and interesting. We need to combine multiple methods, change after 1 method was applied long and familiar with their body.

The exercise effective way:

1. Cardio: Cardio Liss We gently, 1 bit with HIIT Cardio, there is a little more severe or Circuit Training Tabata.
Cardio is not only amazing effects of burning fat, but they also help our hearts healthier.

2. Strength training: Many women fear weight training, but that’s just the fear when you do not understand it. Try to get to know and understand it, it will bring great effect for you.

GymLord want you to read my articles put in place, we too long to her that in our first article. The relevant knowledge closely so you should read thoroughly.

Step 4: Drink sufficient water

Water constructed and occupied large parts of your body. All activities of the body, the metabolism in cells also need water. And also extremely important when we want to lose weight.

So how much water is enough, really have a lot of advice we hear: for example advice 8oz 8 glasses of water every day? or other calculation formulas. But each person has one physical characteristics and different levels of advocacy, environment, temperature, humidity, .. different.

Drinking water is very good but not the more the better, drink too much water in one short time can lead to death.

So follow along, you could use a drink to feel under the body, drink when feeling the need, not to have yellow urine.

Step 5: Get adequate sleep and stress reduction

First let’s talk about getting enough sleep. Sleep helps us recover muscle, brain. In addition, sleep is the time for the hormone produced activities can help normal.

We go to the important and vulnerable people more forgotten: It was stress – Stress.
When we are stressed, your body will produce 1 hormone, which is Cortisol
When Cortisol appear, it will start the process of fat burning stopped, instead of fat storage process be accelerated.
And as a result can not lose fat heap more and more.
Relax, body and spirit comfortably while reducing weight. The more you worry excessively about your weight, you’ll probably even more fat accumulation.
Thus, five basic steps and most important during weight loss GymLord outlined for you. If you really want to lose weight, try to read this article and other related articles given her.
Let’s read from and thoroughly self, do not try to read them all in one time because you can not remember them all where.
This article is very long and quite technical term, but if you have the patience to read every article, I believe that your determination to lose weight was considerable and know.
GymLord hope this article will be helpful for you in your weight loss process.
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By: GymLord
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