Harmful effects of dieting to lose weight negative (Last 1 / Seri slimming)

Recent weight loss problems are becoming very active in the community about the health, gym, even in the individual fb. We have a strong change from the hotgirl sell diet pills, now is the hotgirl share experiences about weight loss: exercise and diet.

However, there is still a lot of you still apply strict dieting methods, desire to lose weight 1 quickly despite the adverse effects on the body.

This article is the first of GymLord in fat reduction series (other fat loss weight loss offline!). First I intend to do the video reduce fat before but is not eligible to return before video should be writing this. There is time to do your video will speak in greater detail many issues.

First, you want to distinguish GymLord diet (diet) and diet:

– Diet: is one word for the way you eat to achieve common one particular goal (to gain weight, lose weight, get in shape).
– Diet: is the strict limit foods or calories or both 2 levels during fasting. Most diet programs we know are applying new low calories: 800 – 1200 or less for women and 1500 – 1800 or less for men (lower BMR); or the tips cut entirely certain nutritional components in the diet such as carbohydrates, fat.

Harsher than have some of you to think of ways to lose weight as fast, drink water instead of rice. Or just eat the best foods for weight loss failure.

In this first post, would be the harm of negative diet: includes reducing calories too large 1, even fasting; or complete removal of the nutrient composition of meals as carb or fat; or both 2.

One of you will read this and argued, that: The model, famous actors still applicable and effective, sir?

Please sir, they have all one team of consultants, coaches, doctors closely monitoring the health situation and their results.

In fact, the excessive dieting can make you lose weight with one briefly. But if you do it wrong method, not regular health monitoring or self-invented the way to lose weight, it can harm innumerable as:Gallstones, dry skin, hair loss, apple constipation, bad breath tooth decay, memory loss, sagging wrinkled round 1, …

I’ll just pick out the most dangerous in order to analyze in this article.

1. Impaired immune system, asthenia

Excessive dieting can cause you not getting enough nutrients and vitamins needed for cells, immune system function normally. It not only makes you weak in the movement outside, but also weaken the immune system inside. The ability to resist the virus is the cause worse you very sick when excessive dieting.

2. Menstrual cycle is altered, hormonal changes in the body

This is a consequence of the removal of fat in the daily diet, the body 1 calorie deficiency too big. If you do not already know, the fat involved formation of hormones in the body. Remove fat also means you remove material to create the hormone. Hormonal changes, leading to disorders of physiological functions, reproduction.

This is also the reason why the sisters may be obstructed, uneven as excessive dieting.

3. Infertility

Scientific research has shown that fat is not only the task of storing energy to spare, but we really are one organ in the body. For women, there is one fat (fat) makes certain reproductive functions. Excessive dieting leads to slump too much fat do not reproductive function in the best state.

4. Stomach pain, digestion is affected

Many of you want to lose weight by fasting-out, just a little drink on. And the consequences are stomach pain, digestive system seriously affected. GymLord been sent the email want advice about diet by fasting and then to a hospital to treat stomach 2 times within 1 week.

5. Documents bulimia after dieting 1 long

If you had ever tried to lose weight by cutting calories max, and then also noticed, when you eat again, the weight increase is not always in a state of brake and appetite. The specter of hunger and food all will pursue you. That is the psychological sequelae when the body underwent one long time too much calorie deficiency.

This is the instinctive reaction of the body to survive from the original period of food shortage, and also in other animals.

In the following article, GymLord will analyze more thoroughly the BMR, TDEE, a vicious circle when dieting, hunger or reactive mode hungry …

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