Reducing belly fat by exercise with wall

Reducing belly fat by exercise with wall

These moves are designed specifically to interact with the fat area “stubborn” in the belly. Besides, also helps relieve back pain, promote blood circulation, make you feel energetic.

With this exercise, you do not need to go shoe collection, which can go barefoot. Practice regularly each day, or 4-5 times per week. With each movement, repeat 10 times slowly and precisely. To achieve faster, you can repeat the whole exercise 2 times per day.
Action of 1


– Lie on your back on the floor, buttocks touching the wall and your hands along the body, the legs placed on the wall
– Gradually raise back up, until the shoulder blades touch the floor only. Hold the posture, take a deep breath, then exhale and slowly return to the starting position.
If you want to increase the difficulty, you can squeeze a foot on the other knee, only use one foot to the wall head-on.
Movements 2

– Lie on your back on the floor, legs stretched out on the wall, turn the soles of the feet toward the ceiling
– Slowly standing left foot to left, then put into position
– Repeat the same with the right foot
If too hard, you can lie about 15cm away from the wall to stretch the legs are not straight.
Action of 3

– Lie on your back on the floor, legs stretched out on the wall, two heel against the wall
– Reach your right hand on the left foot, right shoulder permanently lift up off the floor
– Located in the old location, switch sides with the left hand
If too hard, you just need to reach out to the knee.
Action of 4

– Lie on your back, buttocks placed away from the wall, legs propped up on the wall
– Lift the hips higher up, put your elbows on the floor, hands on your hips to keep him against his balance, legs inched along the wall to where the legs and torso form a diagonal
– Lower left leg slowly down her face, noting both legs are stretched. Then take the left leg back into position, right foot switch.
Action of 5

– Nằm ngửa, đặt mông sát vào tường, gập đầu gối, hai bàn chân đặt lên tường, cách mặt sàn khoảng 1 mét
– Nhấc mông và lưng lên khỏi sàn, vắt chân trái lên đầu gối chân phải. Nhún đầu gối chân phải lên xuống 20 lần.
– Hạ người xuống và đổi chân, thực hiện tương tự.
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