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“Eat what the gym, the menu of bodybuilders look like?”
“Who pro help 1 menu e-protein low fat but k cal to reduce muscle loss yet. Episode 1 year r, other muscle groups to fine every belly fat area too. Sad sturgeon. A gl help e vs: ((“

This is a question a lot of you are wondering.

On the bodybuilding website or blog have shared one of the menu, but certainly it would be difficult to apply.Why?
The first is the condition of their other friends, both economic conditions and food source. With orders 300k 1 day and 1 million for TPBS month. Not many people can follow it. Or simply to earn genuine Quinoa seed, walnuts or almonds … to eat at dinner is also very difficult and expensive.
xây dựng thực đơn giảm cân, tăng cơ
Monday’s calendar, one time each person different.
Tuesday is the taste, digestibility of each different person. Some people are allergic to all what the swim underwater, someone does not eat pork, …
Wednesday and also the most important, your body is unique, no two people are alike. Can the same name, weight, height, seed but the digestive system, the process of assimilation catabolism (metabolism) completely different.
If you only follow one school and mechanically, just one small element of the shift, and you will not know which problem solving and how to begin to ask here and there.

After reading this article, you will not have to ask anyone: Calendar eat like? Dining Calendar of someone or other? Eat this possible? …

This article of GymLord will give you the general principles to be able to build a menu bodybuilding whether your goal is to maximize muscle or lose weight.
I. First Principles: Protein and Guidelines thumb
For maximum muscle growth, take 1-1.5g Protein intake for 1 Lbs body weight in one day, or about 2,2-3,3g protein for 1 kg of body weight.
The amount varies depending on your goal and will be detailed in the following principles. You note that 1g of protein for 1 Lbs body weight was enough for you to develop muscle.
Example: GL weighs 68kg, the amount of protein should be provided in one day to grow muscle is 150g.
Principles of thumb: The amount of calories coming from carbohydrates and protein Fat will hinge so that the total calories from 3 elements on equal calories calculated to be loaded in one day.
II. Principle 2: Calculate the total calories needed in 1 day
Need to know the calorie intake every day to achieve the objective: Gaining weight (including engines), reduce fat and keep the weight
We will calculate the total calorie intake needed in one day to reach the goal.

Recommendations should be increased or decreased below 20% of the total daily intake of calories to lose weight one can increase or slowly. Avoid the negative impact on the body.

Increase the range of 10% reduction in total calories to maintain weight is better.

III. Principle 3: Calculate the composition of calories in total calories from protein, Carb and Fat
From one principle we know the calories come from protein in 1 day.
Since then divide ratio calculated from Carb and Fat calories.
– 1g Protein 4 calories
– 1g Carb for 4 calories
– 1g Fat 9 calories
NOTE: I want you to pay attention to this detail, I did learn a lot of studies, articles about bodybuilding world, but the truth is that no specific figures on the composition of Carb and Fat in preparations What diet is best for everyone.

By not like exercise, nutrition bring individual elements are much higher because each person has one biological characteristics, metabolism and various health, nutrition … so this rate will Every person must be different. No two people are alike.

Here’s how to divide ratio synthesized nutrients from the experience of the coaches, athletes. This section references from: Bodybuilding, Muscle Breaking, Scooby workshop, …
A. Classification 1: Classification by target practice
1. Increase muscle without bulk-Cut (Most Popular)
– Proportion of Protein 25-35% of total calories needed in 1 day.
– The percentage of 30-50% of total calorie intake Carb need in one day.
– Fat 25-35% Percentage of total calories needed in 1 day.

NOTE: The amount of carbohydrates in the diet may affect fitness goals:

High Carb quantity (in 1 certain intervals) tend to build better muscles
Low Carb quantity to us downtrend fat.

This is why, the main difference between the diet come from carbohydrates.

2. bulking – Cutting (Not necessary with normal file)
Asian. Nutrient composition bulking phase
– Protein 25-35% of total caloric needs for the day.
– The amount of calories come from carbs you should remain at 40-60% of total caloric needs for the day.
– Calories from Fat to be at 15-25% of total caloric needs for the day.
b. Nutrient composition phase Cutting
– The amount of protein is advised to remain up to 30-50% of total calories needed in 1 day. (The total number of calories needed to lose weight = total energy needed to maintain weight – Number of calories reduced in 1 day).
– Calories come from carbohydrates only retained at 10-30%.
– The remaining calories come from Fat is 30-40%.
Have you noticed: There you have questions, the percentage of calories from protein up to 40% is too much.But you note that 40% of the total calories needed in 1 day with the goal of being on stage Cutting calories is less than the total needed in 1 day in bulking phase.
C. Specific examples for clarity:
BRM his first day as the article is 2576 calories count calories one day to keep the balance.
– I applied rate 25P – 50C – 25F
The amount of protein needed to both increase muscle 1 day while keeping weight is: 2576 x 25%: 4 = 161 g Protein
161g Protein 1 day means I use 2,4g Protein 1 kg of body weight.
The amount of carbohydrates you need to use in 1 day is: 2576 x 50%; 4 = 322 g Carb
Fat amount is: 2576 x 35%; 9 = 100 g Fat
– When his bulking increase calories by 500 calories one day.
Protein is essential in 1 day is: (2576 + 500) x 25%: 4 = 192.25 g Protein
– When should I Cutting 500 calories calories one day.
The amount of protein in 1 day is: (2576-500) x 40%: 4 = 207.6 g Protein
3g protein equivalent to 1 kg of body weight.
B. Classification 2: Distribution by type of organ person (Body Type)

1. Ectomorph

As the thin, slim and quite tall. Small shoulder long limbs. It is difficult to gain weight despite eating a lot. But in return they can lose fat fast.

But people need more organs Carb Ecto 2+ remaining organs to prevent muscle catabolism.
Percentage nutrition for organ Ecto proposed are:
– At least 25% Protein
– 60% carbohydrates for weight gain. 40-50% in order to keep balance. 30-40% in order to lose weight.
– Left is Fat

2. Mesomorph
As those who have the qualities to possess many muscular with large bones. Increased body organ easier and reduce fat faster Ecto Endo organs.
Rate nutritional Meso proposed donor:
– 20-30% Protein
– 40-50% carbohydrates to gain weight. 30-40% in order to keep balance. 20-30% in order to lose weight.
– 30% Fat (No more than 40%)

3. endomorph

As those who have the ability to store fat horrible, difficult to reduce fat and increase muscle between Ecto and Endo. Carb excess of daily dietary fat very quickly integrated into.
Proposed rate:
– 25-35% Protein
– 30-40% carbohydrates to gain weight. 20-30% to between scales. 10-20% in order to lose weight.
– 40% Fat
NOTE: There is one more general rule is never to amounts less than 15% Fat in the diet. Fat is the prefix to form the kind of hormone in the body: testosterone, estrogen, .. and is solvent soluble vitamin absorption into the body. Lack of body fat will not be able to function normally, even may have one of the disease.
IV. Principle 4: Split the day diet
You need to split a day diet to absorb maximum nutrients and prevent muscle catabolism.
The split ration according to the following principles:
1. Each meal should contain 30-40g of protein. Exceeding this figure body can not absorb => excreted => Fee. Do not increase the pressure on the digestive system.
2. All meals apart from 3-4h. Maybe just 2-3 hours if you’re in the phase of fat reduction.
3. snack before bed if you kind of person who Ecto.
4. Do not be short of water. Drink more water until your urine is white.

For example:

We need to use 161g of protein, can eat 5 meals 1 day

Each party will have about 30 grams of protein.
These meals like breakfast, lunch, dinner container is 35g Protein. Left 56g Protein: 30g Protein of snacks is one meal.

V. Principle 5: Total calories important, but also the source of calories equally important
Origin of Protein, Carb or Fat is also very important, because they also affect your health. Simple sugars or complex sugar, saturated fats or polyunsaturated fats, …
You should read his entries made to fully understand the issues.
FOR. Principle 6: Custom fit
As mentioned above, each of us is a separate instance, if one effective method absolute with this person but when applied to others, such offers 1 results.
With the increase in volume 1 number 1 little Fat and Carb travel reduces effective weight loss significantly.Whereas 1 Some people do not.
From this base rate as a base, you have to find your own ideal ratio 1 of nutrition, working perfectly with his body.
While working, the test should be sufficient time to first incidence effective, should not conclude this nutrient ratio mismatch when recently applied only 2-3 days.
Put yourself in his trial for the new rate, the new method that best suits your own body. This may take time, but if you find yourself the ideal ratio, the effect will be extremely impressed.
GymLord quote for you to listen to one question very well in bodybuilding:
There is no best method.
That only the most suitable method only.
And one more thing, you do not read the article first and then say superficially read it. All his post despite an attempt to write understandable everywhere should have certain attentiveness to understand the problem.

Theory and do it so perfect, but to implement the standard is extremely, extremely positive to say is difficult for many people, the more difficult when in VN are accessible group activities and economic conditions not high.

Even in themselves, be enough 2g Protein intake for 1 day and eat 5 servings 1 DC is a luxury day.However, his muscles are still developing, not matter, not just the maximum growth only;).

But you still need to know the principles to be able to build yourself one nutrition near their best levels.Optimization of resources may be able to develop muscles.

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By: GymLord

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