Why not diet and still lose weight? Weight increase again rapidly at the end of dieting? (Last 3 / Seri slimming)

Why when dieting to lose weight, can effectively lose weight faster, maybe you’re very excited. But maybe some time later, effective weight loss will diminish or even stop, although you still follow the diet as the original.

“We are on a diet low in calories, the first time the weight has decreased markedly but time after the weight has not diminished anymore. And when I get discouraged and no longer dieting, the weight increase again dizzy?”

Often, like the sisters, the first thing that comes to mind when you want to lose weight it is dieting. Calories in and calories principles to be applied strictly, eating extremely little with the desire to lose weight the fastest.

There are individual cases of fasting to lose weight, most cases usually are not able to hold more than 3 days.

In this paper focuses on issues GymLord why dieting but still can not lose weight? Tiger gives you the concept of weight loss problems in the article next to the Seri slimming you can understand the problem.

A. Before explaining why you eat very little you can do to lose weight, we need to clarify the basic concepts of the theory of weight loss.
I. First, the most basic principle of weight gain and weight loss:
When our food intake of energy to operate live (Unit is calories or kcal).

It is calorie intake from eating <Calories consumed => Weight Loss
Calories in = calories consumed => Keeping weight
Calories in> calories consumed => Weight Gain

II. Distinguishing diet (diet) and diet:

Diet: is one word for the way you eat to achieve common one particular goal (to gain weight, lose weight, get in shape).
Diet: is the strict limit foods or calories or both 2 levels during fasting. Or apply a diet low in calories: 800 – 1200 or less for women and 1500 – 1800 or less for men (lower BMR);

Diet negative in this article is the way to lose weight by cutting too many calories in the daily diet.

III. Total energy consumption in 1 day (TDEE – Total Daily Energy Expenditure)

The total energy consumption of 1 person in 1 day scientists are divided into three main sections, note this is one normal person (For many people practicing sports or heavy labor, it may more) :

– The smallest: about 10% to heat, keep body temperature stable (endothermic animals that;), digestive.
– Part 2 is about 20-30% of the energy used for daily physical activity: Advocacy, go forward, speaking, numeracy, kiss, make love … if practicing sports or heavy labor, the This section may occupy significant in total calories consumed.
– And the 3rd highest proportion of the total energy consumed in one day from normal: 60-70% for basic metabolism – Basal Metabolic Rate – BMR

B. Cause eat less but still not losing weight?

So why do we eat very little, because the applicable diet very low in calories, the first time the weight has decreased markedly but shortly after weighing not see falling?

1 GymLord introduce scientific research of University of Oregon Health & Science:

Researchers for 18 monkeys calorie diets for many years. Then they are fed back to a normal diet, cutting calories by 30% compared with the previous year.

After 1 month of diets cut calories by 30%, the macaques continued unabated weight.
By the next month, when further reduction in calories, the weight of the monkeys was not significantly reduced.

You probably did not know, the human body has a special defense mechanism to one ultimate goal: It’s guaranteed for life.

Developing human civilization, now we have more food, and the food is plentiful and no longer scarce seasonal, however protective mechanism still exists within us, it will be booted whenever in order to ensure your survival.

This mechanism is commonly known as:
“Starvation response – starvation mode” or “Metabolic damage – Hazard metabolism”

When you reduce calories by dieting cutting calories too much, unfortunately the body is not interested in you diet to do, it just feel the energy go feed the body are low, signaling 1 period food scarcity is coming.

The body will automatically trigger starvation mode, which means it has been programmed to look for the important function and reduce or turn off the function that goes aims to cut calorie consumption:

1. Cut the basic metabolism – Basal Metabolic Rate – BMR, reduce the body’s activities.

2. The body begins to break down muscle for energy activities (Rather than fat, by reducing muscle one part ie reduce energy consumption agencies, prioritizing their fat reserves for long time coming food shortage) (In other words, the body is eating his own flesh).

Will need to 3-4g protein taken from muscle decomposition to generate 1g sugar (glucose) provide energy for the body. That is why you will customize pancreas rapidly during excessive dieting.

3. Increasing feed conversion into fat storage.

4. Increase the feeling of hunger, appetite up to promote you eat more to make up for lost calories. The researchers have found that dieters crave foods high in fat, rich in energy, and tend to eat more than their diet when food is available (1g fat 9 calories volume, protein and carbohydrates for 4 calories).

5. Even if the diet is too harsh, the body will seek to reduce both the function and fertility in order to conserve energy for the existence of the body can overcome the scarcity of food.

The above work is done by one series of hormonal changes in the body, but it is too tangled his problems mentioned in this article.

Certainly the laptop or phone you use are known to battery-saving mode, the excess unused functions will be turned off, the screen brightness is reduced, cutting the data connection, ..

The body also do the same thing, but it is more complex.

C. Why is easy to gain weight after the diet:

But one thing more critically in GymLord want to share, do not like the phone can only operate with the program has been programmed, the body we first living organism, it is capable of adapting and learn to improve my:

With each regime hunger – Starvation response is triggered, the more the better energy saving and easy to put your weight back 1 quickly.

Just as you teach your body diet 1 lesson, and then each was studying, it worked to cut calories when food shortage and better energy storage when food is abundant a lot better before .

That is why you can easily regain his original weight, even increased when trying to lose weight by dieting negative.

Indeed, the regime has not been considered hungry first real scientific terminology by metabolic problems too complex and can not study science out of it, but its existence is what has been the experiment scientifically proven.

Say no more here only to lose you again deranged, the panic and despair of losing weight problem. It’s complicated, but still will have to resolve.

GymLord want to emphasize that: 1 negative diet is not a perfect choice for weight loss. It can be effective in the short or 1 time for 1 effective entry number but its negative impact on health is tremendous.

In article 4 in Seri slimming, GymLord offering slimming principle is considered the most clean and green.Well maybe that’s what you know, but there are many of you are confused struggling with their weight problems. GymLord hope we can contribute to help you.

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