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You want to buy the best foot spa machine? The top 5 best foot spa reviews for 2019 can help you

Day by day, people have to deal with the high level of stress that increases the risk of developing depression, anxiety attacks, and even cardiovascular diseases. Suffering from the high levels of stress, you can take prescribed or over-the-counter drugs and remedies. However, those solutions only give you the temporary result. You want to protect your mental and physical health, right? Nothing better than knowing how to relax and reduce stress.
It is a reason why I would like to introduce the best food spa reviews for 2017. Best foot spa is a recommended solution for relaxation and reducing stress. It should be added to your healthy habit and daily routine.

Feet Should Be Taken Care Of Like Other Body Parts

Our feet are the most abused body part and they hold a number of important nerves and sensitive spots. There is a close connection between those sensitive spots and our body systems. Unfortunately, our feet are often less taken care of. The majority of us do not pay enough time taking care of our feet if we compare with other parts of our body. Covering your feet by shoes can not protect your feet completely. Because our feet have to carry our weight day by day, they deserve to be taken care of with foot massage. The best foot massage includes barefoot walking and foot spa.

What Are A Foot Spa?

If you love your feet and your health, it is important for you to know the best foot spa. The best foot spa can be performed at a spa center or at home. Best foot spa can give you pleasant sensations and a significant relief from stress. It is also an excellent way on how to protect yourself from the increased risks of ailments and illnesses. Having incredibly relaxing effects, foot spas treat sore skin, hydrate and make your feet beautiful. It is recommended doing a foot spa at least once a week to achieve a peaceful relaxing mind and a healthy body. Modern best foot spas have a variety of technologies that help relax your feet efficiently.

Looking For The Best Foot Spa, What Should You Know?


The best foot spa should have technologies to be heated. Warm temperature can give your feet a great comfort

Massage And Vibration Types

The best foot spa should give you a variety of choices for massage and vibration types.


Jet systems and bubbles of a foot spa can help you ease the sore skin and relax effectively

How To Choose The Best Foot Spa

Why Should You Use Foot Spa

Everyone can benefit from using a foot spa because it not only works to improve the conditions of your feet but also the general well-being your body. Foot spas aren’t expensive, and you’ll save thousands of dollars by not going to a nail salon since you have one at home.

A foot spa uses reflexology techniques to apply pressure to reflex zones located in certain areas of your feet. Relieving pressure in a section of the foot can positively impact the rest of your body.

The best foot spas are scientifically proven to reduce headaches, improve blood circulation, and prevent any ankle or foot injuries. If you want to enhance the already beneficial effects foot spas have on the human body; you can add essential oils that work to detox your feet and then the rest of your body.

If you have a physically demanding job, you need to take time out of your day to take proper care of your feet. Those who soak their feet in foot spas twice a week prevent upper body pain from developing and keep blood circulating healthily.

Foot spas don’t offer any negatives and only work to improve the general health of your body. You can’t go wrong with incorporating a foot spa into your life.

On What To Pay Attention When Choosing Your Foot Spa

Before buying a foot spa, you should know what you need to look for.


You need to make sure that before you decide to buy a foot spa that it can fit your shoe size. Standard foot spa capacities can typically fit a men’s shoe size 14. You may think that this is too large for your feet, but the excess space will prevent water from overflowing.

When placing your feet inside a foot spa, the water should go no further than up to your ankles. If you place your feet in the basin and the water overflows, then the tub is too small for your feet.


Depending on the foot spa you use, the heat function will vary. More traditional foot spas will require you to separately boil water ahead of time, while more advanced spas come with preinstalled heat functions.

An optimal heated foot spa can take cold to room temperature water and heat it up to start the foot soaking process. A high-end foot spa will only take a couple of minutes to heat up water to a designated temperature level.

Make sure that your foot spa can maintain a consistent temperature level, so the water doesn’t end up going back to room temperature. This allows you to create a spa-like environment in the comfort of your home without having to get up every five minutes to change the water.

Massage Rollers & Bubbles

More modern foot spas are bound to have rollers located on the bottom of the device that offer a thorough massage targeted towards the bottom portion of your feet. You might see some foot spas using vibration technology and oxygen bubble therapy, which work to enhance the effects of the rollers.

Keep in mind that the more customizable features a foot spa have, the more likely you’ll be satisfied with your device. Since feet are so delicate, you need to be able to adjust foot spa massage features to reflect what your feet need.

Easy To Set Up

When using a foot spa, you should first collect all the items you need to give yourself a full pedicure treatment. Once you have all your tools, you can pour some water in the foot spa and turn on the device.

Remember to wash your feet before placing them inside the foot spa for purely sanitary reasons. After the machine is turned on, you can sit and place your feet inside the basin. The recommended time to spent soaking in a foot spa totals at around 15 minutes.

After your feet feel soft, you can continue with completing a pedicure treatment that involves scrubbing your feet and pushing your cuticles back to provide an even surface area to paint your nails.

Simple To Operate

Using a foot spa should be a relaxing experience, so you shouldn’t find it difficult to use one properly. Most foot spas are toe-controlled, so you have to operate the settings by using your feet. This won’t interrupt your in-home spa experience, which is good for your feet and body.

With toe-controlled foot spas, you can alter the temperature and massage settings right in the middle of a soak. You don’t even have to bend down or get up, so you truly feel as if you’re in a spa.

Cleaning A Foot Spa

After every single time you use a foot spa, you need to clean it to avoid infections and bacteria from developing. Cleaning a foot spa isn’t a lengthy process but is necessary.

You want to drain any leftover water and then remove any visible residue that may have gotten stuck to the foot spa basin. Make sure to clean the foot spa surface with soap and detergent that’s been approved by the manufacturer.

Once you’ve cleaned the foot spa using soap and detergent, you should let the clean water run through it to remove any leftover soap. Repeat this a couple of times until the foot spa looks impeccable.

Using Salts And Baths

After you turn on a foot spa and place your feet inside, you have the option to enhance the rejuvenating effects the device has on your feet. People typically add salts to the water solution in the foot spa, so your feet experience a bit of exfoliation.

Essential oils are more effective in providing health benefits that target not just your feet but your mind and body. Each essential oil has a certain health benefit, so it’s up to you to choose which one will greatly benefit your body.

Top 5 Best Food Spa Reviews

  1. All In One Foot Spa Bath Massager FBD720 By Kendal

All in one-foot spa bath massager is equipped with heat, rolling massage, HF vibration, digital time, O2 bubbles and temperature control LED display. The temperature setting ranges from 20 °C to 48 °C. There are blue light (below 42 °C) and red light (higher than 42 °C) to indicate different temperature. The best foot spa is recommended to people with poor blood circulation, slow metabolism, and frequent fatigue. This spa bath also smoothens Qi system.

The key features of the best foot spa bath include:

  • Using PTC heating semiconductor to maintain a constant temperature
  • Self-drainage
  • High-quality plastic
  • Fitting up to a Men’s Size 14

Many customers like this best foot spa bath because of its elegant and beautiful design. It is also equipped with a variety of technologies. The final score for Foot Spa Reviews for 2017 is 3.8 out of 5.

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  1. All In One Foot Spa Bath MS0810M by Kendal

The technologies including heating therapy, high-frequency vibration massage, and oxygen bubbles massage can promote blood circulation, reduce fatigue and improve metabolism effectively. It does not have any serious problems with a PTC heating semiconductor that helps set a constant temperature. Nothing is better than getting rid of achy and tired feet with the help of a relaxing foot spa bath MS0810M. Containing many healing effects, it is recommended to people with foot problems.

The key features of the best foot spa bath include:

  • Gentle design
  • Two active massage rollers
  • Quality PTC heating semiconductor to control the temperature and time
  • Aging resistance and high-temperature resistance due to plastic

Many customers give the foot spa bath MS0810M positive spa foot reviews and feedbacks. However, because of some criticisms, its score is 3.9 out of 5.

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  1. Natsukage All In One Foot Spa Bath Massager

The best feature of Natsukage All In One Foot Spa Bath Massager is that it has a deep tank that helps massage not only your feet but also your calf. If you suffer from foot problems, it can give you a significant relief by improving metabolism and promoting blood circulation. The temperature setting ranges from 35 to 48 °C. Many people give it positive reviews and feedbacks due to its multi-function and a variety of techniques for massage and vibration.

Its key features include:

  • Waterfall or water jet system
  • Light-weight and easy to lift
  • Motorized rolling massage
  • External drainage

It receives 3.8 out of 5 in the best foot spa reviews for 2017.

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  1. All In Foot Spa Bath Massager FBD1023 By Kendal

This spa bath massager machine can deal with aching calves and tired feet. This spa bath massager can work effectively in maintaining the temperature and heating up the water. The foot spa bath massager FBD1023 is quite; therefore, it does not make any annoying noises. Everyone can achieve the benefits of this foot spa machine because it is easy-to-use.

The features of this machine include:

  • Multi-function: heating therapy, motorized rolling massage, waterfall & water wave massage, oxygen bubbles massage, digital time and temperature control
  • Pre-set programs
  • high-grade plastic that ensure the high temperature and aging resistance
  • Maintaining a constant temperature due to the high-quality heating conductor

However, some people complained about its discomfort when using the machine FBD1023. The final score in best foot spa reviews is 3.8 out of 5.

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  1. Carepeutic Ozone Waterfall Foot And Leg Spa Bath Massager

Thanks to its heated O3 water, this spa machine helps relieve your sore, painful and tired feet. The automatic massaging programs equipped with ozone therapy, rolling massage, heated water surfing therapy, and air bubble massage are effective in bringing oxygen to the body tissues, promoting blood circulation and soothing sore muscles on feet and legs. Using this machine, you do not need to take it in the bathroom to remove water. The motorized smart water drainage system makes the process of draining out water easier.

Here are key features of Carepeutic ozone waterfall foot and leg spa bath massager:

  • Calf-deep water container
  • The water jet and waterfall massage
  • Ozone therapy and infrared heat therapy
  • Motorized rolling massage
  • Light-weight (20 pounds)

Its score is 3.9 out of 5.

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Choosing the best foot spa machine is not easy. There are a lot of options and you can not really try them out. However, I hope that those best foot spa reviews for 2018 can give you useful information. You should also consider your budget and the spa bath massager’s design when you want to buy the best spa machine.

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