Best Foot Spa Reviews for 2017

Best Foot Spa

Stress levels are higher than ever in all categories which is why more and more people suffer from cardiovascular diseases, depression, anxiety or anger management issues. No matter how many remedies and drugs the doctors recommend, one thing is for sure: nothing is better than relaxation and reducing stress.

Pampering yourself every week using one of the best foot spas you can find is a healthy habit that every single one of us should mix into our daily routine.

It all begins with our feet

You probably already know that your feet hold an impressive number of sensitive spots and nerves. Reflexologists claim that all those sensitive spots on our soles are connected to our  organs and bodily systems.

Alternative medicine specialists recommend foot massage and physicians recommend barefoot walking. Foot massages result in stress relief, pleasant sensations that lead to endorphin release and better skin.

What is a foot spa?

Foot spas are massagers that can be used both at home and at a salon. They provide the feet with an incredibly relaxing experience. Foot spas help to beautify the feet, get rid of sore skin, hydrate and make them look fresh. A side effect of using one at least once a week is entering a peaceful, relaxing state of mind. Modern foot spas are equipped with a variety of technologies that help massage the feet in various ways.

What to look for in a foot spa?


Heated spas are so much better than regular ones. They have the ability to warm the water and maintain a certain temperature, which contributes to your own comfort.

Vibration and Massage Types

A spa that has more than one vibration or massage type will give the chance to choose whichever method suits you best. It is better to have more than one option.


The great thing about foot spas is they have the ability to give you a great massage. A device that is equipped with bubbles and jet systems help you relax and ease feet pain.

7 Best Foot Spa Reviews in 2017


All in one best foot spa bath by Kendal

This all-in-one foot spa by Kendal is a professional product and a perfect choice if you have blood circulation issues, a bad metabolism or if the effects of busy days are getting to you more and more. This is a heated spa massager with oxygen bubbles and high-frequency massage that uses various vibration types.

It can be used with salts, oils and other foot products, although the water temperature can’t be adjusted. It is equipped with infrared technology and it is perfect for home use. There’s nothing better than coming home to a new best friend: the foot spa massager. Here are some of its key features:

  • Maintains a constant temperature due to its heating semiconductor
  • 3 pre-set programs
  • Self-draining
  • Plastic, which makes it lightweight and easy to transport
  • Suitable for all foot sizes

What’s to like about the All-in-one Foot Spa Massager by Kendal?

As plenty of buyers have stated, having a foot spa massager that is able to maintain warm water inside of it is simply amazing. This product can be used by both men and women and its large surface suits large feet, too.

It comes with an elegant design, is quiet and has a bubble system that makes you feel like you’re having a hydro massage. Its draining hose and ability to drain itself contributes so much more to a pleasant, relaxing experience.

What’s not to like?

This all-in-one product brings a lot of advantages to those who like having foot baths once in a while, but it also has its disadvantages. Although it is a great thing that water can be heated, the temperature can’t be controlled.

If you have skin burn, irritations or rashes you will not be comfortable once the temperature reaches 50 degrees Celsius (122 degrees F). This customer’s review touches all the pros and consof this product. Another minus is the 1-year limited warranty which might not always be enough for such a complex product.

Final word

Kendal’s foot spa massager is a great home product, but it has to be used with caution. Most customers seem to be satisfied with the foot baths they get from this machine, but it comes with some cons, too. Therefore, its final score is 4 out of 5 from a couple hundred customer reviews.


All in one best foot spa bath massager FBD1023

Although this product’s price goes up a bit, it comes with some great features and a different design. This heated all-in-one motorized massager provides users with pleasant physical experiences and offers great visuals that can make one feel even better. The foot spa is deep and can be filled with both cold and warm water.

The great thing about this all-in-one product is that it comes with a remote control, which means you don’t have to bend when you want to change its options. The water temperature can be adjusted from 20 to 48 degrees Celsius and its four lockable rollers play a huge role during the massage. Here’s why this massager really stands out of the crowd:

  • Motorized rollers
  • LED display makes it easy to see the temperature and timer
  • Comes with a remote control
  • Foot support
  • Temperature light indicator
  • Drainage tube which means it self-drains
  • Water jet massage and bubble massage

What’s to like about All in one foot spa massager

It is an amazing product that comes with a variety of features: heating therapy, water wave massage, time control, temperature control, outstanding display and a remote control. It is meant to help you relax and hydrate your feet.

Its 12 Ibs weight makes it easy to transport or move around and it is the perfect option for home use. It’s almost noiseless and has an elegant, compact design. Honestly, this product is worth the money.

What’s not to like?

Although it has all these benefits, it is a little pricey. Also, its motorized rollers can be a bit too much for people with sensitive feet. By comparison with other expensive, similar products, this one does not include infrared technology.

Final word

All-in-one foot spa massager by Kendal is a complex product that proves to be easy and comfortable to use. It is one of the few such products that have a remote control and is ideal for those you want to relax in the comfort of their own home.

Due to its many abilities, this foot spa is also suitable for salon use. Its final score is 4.5 out of 5, because of its higher price but if you have the funds it is probably worth it.


All in one best foot spa bath massager

A foot spa massager with a feminine design, stylish and sleek, this is the ideal product for women who enjoy foot baths. Its heating system, the gentle bubble massage, and its rolling massage wheels can bring the ultimate spa experience in your own home. This is an affordable product that is ideal for home use and is also suitable for sensitive feet.

  • Heating therapy features
  • Provides Oxygen bubbles massage
  • High-frequency vibration massage
  • Infrared technology for a better relaxation experience
  • Well insulated with overheating protection
  • Sleek design

What’s to like about All-in-one foot spa bath massager

This is another one of Kendal’s products that truly helps you relieve daily stress and boosts your energy levels. It is very easy to use due to its single knob, rolling massage wheels and point massage bead. These accessories are not motorized, so users can adapt the massage intensity to their needs.

It offers a heavenly experience and even though its design makes it look like it is meant to be used by women only, men can also use it comfortably. This customer’s review highlights this product’s qualities.

What’s not to like?

The product can be a little too noisy for some people’s taste and the vibration massage can make it shake. It is a bit uncomfortable to have to drain it yourself after such a relaxing experience, but it’s not such a big deal, after all. The inner rollers are placed right where the foot arch rests, which can be a bit uncomfortable, too.

Final result

All-in-one foot spa bath massager MS0810M is an affordable product with a simple, nice design and basic features. It is great for regular foot baths, but it doesn’t provide the user with the ultimate foot spa experience. Its final score is 3.5 out of 5 based on a couple hundred customer reviews.


PIBBS Best Foot Spa Massager FM3830A

With an affordable price and a compact design, this foot spa comes to satisfy the relaxation needs of both men and women. It comes with a water heater function and multiple massage modes, being suitable for feet sizes up to 13.

PIBBS initially manufactured this product for pedicure purposes, but it soon became a popular foot spa massager for home use, too. Even though the entire tank is made from plastic, it looks durable and sturdy. Here are its main features:

  • Sleek and compact design
  • Three modes: bubble massage, vibration and heating and bubbles, vibration and heating
  • Silent
  • Holds up to 4-1/2 inches of water
  • Lightweight (5 pounds)
  • Sturdy construction
  • Rubbery pads for each foot

What’s to like about PIBBS Foot Bath Massager

First of all, it is an easy-to-use foot spa and it has three modes that work incredibly well. It is more affordable than similar products and it keeps the water warm for a long time. Although it doesn’t have any complex functions, it provides the user with a relaxing experience due to the combination of bubbles and vibrations.

What’s not to like

This foot bath massager shakes a bit too much when vibrating for some which can be annoying. It doesn’t have motorized massagers or infrared therapy functions but  is a good product for the price.  Although it is easy to install, use and clean, it doesn’t come with a drainage tube, which can represent a minus for many people.

Final word

It is easy to relax and ease foot pain when using PIBBS Foot Bath Massager FM3830A. It has basic functions and it shakes a little, but other than that it is a great product. It is definitely the kind of product that offers value for money. Its final score based on a few hundred positive reviews is 4 out of 5 stars.

5. CAREPEUTIC FOOT AND LEG SPACarepeutic Foot and Leg Best Foot Spa Bath Massager

Carepeutic’s product is not a low-budget product. It comes with a gorgeous light burgundy and brown design, a deep tank and a touch control panel. It turns the foot massage experience into heavenly moments that can help ease feet pain.

Its digital controls make it very easy to use and its heating features allow the user to control the water temperature. The great thing about this device is that it’s so deep it reaches the calves, which means more comfort and more massaged areas.  These are the product’s main features:

  • Four massage rollers
  • Water temperature can be controlled
  • Digital heating
  • Bubbles massage function
  • Water container is calf-deep
  • Static drainage function

What’s to like about Carepeutic Foot and Leg Spa

This is a foot spa massage that massages not only your feet but also your calves and ankles. If your job requires you to stand a lot or your feet simply swell easily, this product might just be the best option for you.

Its digital controls are easy to use and the water heater works perfectly, has a great design and is ideal if you need it for a salon: women will simply adore it.

What’s not to like?

Carepeutic Deluxe Motorized Foot and Leg Spa Bath Massager is a great product, but some users think the construction could have been sturdier for the price. The casters are made of cheap plastic and don’t seem to be sturdy enough. A few customers also stated that the tank is not large enough to fit larger feet.

Final word

It’s great to have such a foot spa in the comfort of your own home. It is silent and you can just sit there and relax while watching your favorite show or reading a book. Even so, you have to carefully check out its specifications, as your feet might not fit in properly. That being said, this product’s final score is 3.5 out of 5, due to the numerous cons that this pricey massager has.


Conair Waterfall Best Foot Spa with Lights, Bubbles and Heat

Conair’s foot spa is one of the most affordable hydro massagers available on the market. At itscurrent price, this device is the definition of value for money. It comes with great features that not only offer the user great feet massage, but it also adds color and sound to their experience.. Our favorite is the waterfall button that creates waves and a real waterfall sensation. More than that, it comes with three LED lights that enlighten the entire water tank.

  • Three modes: waterfall, LED and bubbles and Bubbles and heat
  • Includes a heater
  • Includes a brush, pumice and massager
  • Two leg rests and two foot rollers

What’s to like about Conair Waterfall Foot Spa

Its price is definitely likable, as well as its basic functions. The LED light doesn’t have a functional role during the massage, but it is a visual element that makes people feels good when they are tired. Additionally, the waterfall effect is unique and contributes to the relaxing state and the heating system is automatic. According to customer testimonials, it is useful for pain relief.

What’s not to like?

Conair Waterfall Foot Spa is a bit too loud according to some users and doesn’t really have the ability to heat cold water. What it actually does is maintain the temperature of previously heated water. Most customers admit that it is a good product for its price, but it is not the best. If you are looking for an inexpensive product with multiple functionalities, this is a great option.

Final word

Conair’s product comes at a great price and has great functions. Its LED light and massagers are accessories that contribute to a relaxing feeling, which is why most customers loved it. Even so, its final score based on hundreds of reviews is 3.5 out of 5, giving its inability to heat the water although it is advertised otherwise.


Best Foot Spa by Brookstone

If you are looking for a heated hydro massager that will help you relax your feet, this is where your search comes to an end. Its wide tank and elegant design make it comfortable to use both at home and at a salon.

It is advertised to be a heated foot spa, but in reality, it has the ability to maintain the water temperature, not to actually heat it, too. It offers a soothing experience and more importantly, it comes with a remote control. Here’s what its other features are:

  • Two hydro jets that are great for tired and swelled feet
  • Rotating jets
  • Can maintain water temperature to 115 degrees F
  • Two rolling nodes
  • Fits foot sizes up to 14
  • Weighs 13 Ibs

What’s to like about Foot Baths by Brookstone?

Its wide, roomy water tank is suitable for both small and large feet and its detachable pumices can help users exfoliate their sore, dead skin. Its design is visually pleasant and its powerful jets give a wonderful massage.

What’s not to like?

It’s not that easy to move around this foot spa, giving the fact that it weighs 13 Ibs. Also, its warranty raises a few question marks, as it only covers the product for 1 year. One big disadvantage is the fact that the instructions advise against soap, salts or other products that are normally added into the water.

Final word

Foot Baths by Brookstone is a wide foot spa with great water jets, but it displeases plenty of customers who enjoy adding salt, oils or feet products in the tank while getting a massage. Also, a 1-year limited warranty is not enough for such a device. Therefore, the final score of Brookstone’s foot spa is 4 out of 5 stars.

Choosing from the Best Foot Spa Reviews

Having a foot spa in the comfort of your own home can be a real life-saver. Your feet deserve the pampering we offer them while soaking in warm, scented water and experiencing wonderful massages that include vibrations, bubbles, water jets and infrared therapy.

Choosing the best foot spa for your needs is not easy because you can’t really try the massagers out before actually buying them. Although there are many factors that one should consider in this process, including their budget and design preferences, these are the 7 best-selling products on the market.

In our estimation, the All in one foot spa bath massager FBD1023 by Kendal is the most complex foot spa massager that satisfies even the most pretentious tastes, the Carepeutic Deluxe Motorized Foot and Leg Spa Massager is the best choice for those who are looking to get extended massage and the Conair Waterfall Foot Spa with Lights, Bubbles and Heat offers the best value for money.