Inada Sogno Dreamwave Review

Sogno Dreamvae massage chair comes from the Inada brand that has been around for over 50 years. This massage chair is one of the best out there on the market. It boasts features that will provide you with the most luxurious massage experience, removing all stress and tension in your body. Providing great massage customizability, the chair also adjusts to a wide range of user heights and body types. The Inada Sogno Dreamwave is designed with all the latest innovations and makes a great investment option into the health and overall wellbeing. Continue reading this Inada Sogno Dreamwave review to know more about the features that make this massage chair so popular.Inada-Sogno-Dreamwave-Review-1024x663

Full Body Massage Coverage

Inada Sogno Dreamwave provides more massage coverage than any other chair on the market. It is equipped with 13 motors and over 101 active air massage cells. The roller reaches from the base of the skull all the way down to the upper glutes with the total length of the roller stroke measuring 28.4 inches.

Preset Programs

There are 8 preset massage programs, simplifying each massage session. To get the needed or preferred massage you just press a button of the selected program. They include Morning, Night, Full Body, Full Body Air, Stretch, Quick, DreamWave, and Youth.

Manual Massage Settings

Alternatively, you can manually set the desired massage. There are 18 manual massage types. Some of them are Shiatsu, Human Hands, Kneading, Double Kneading, and others. Overall, there are over a 1000 possible massage combinations.

Shiatsu Point Locator

Sogno Dreamwave is equipped with an infrared sensor that automatically detects all the shiatsu points of your particular body type, so you can get a more effective and comfortable massage.

The chair can also accommodate a range of heights and various body types. It adjusts to heights ranging from 5’ to 6.5’.

Stretch Function

This function targets your hips, mid-back and shoulders as it offers extension, flexion, and gentle rotational stretching.

Youth Session

This massage chair is designed to be used by both adults and younger users of age 14 and up. Since young users might find the regular massage strength a bit too intensive. Inada solved this issue by adding a youth session configuration that makes the massage gentler. Even if you are older but would prefer a gentle massage, you can also take advantage of this feature.

Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage

In the neck and shoulder area the Sogno Dreamwave features air bags that gently lift up the neck from both sides. This provides stretching and kneading of the muscles. The top of the shoulders is massaged through the applied shiatsu pressure of the built-in adjustable pads. The back of the shoulders is also firmly massaged with the air cells. In addition to gentle neck traction, the chair also massages trapezius and occipital lobe.

Full Arm Massage

20 air cells provide a full-arm massage from the upper arms and forearms and all the way down to the fingertips. It uses the gentle kneading technique, giving you the most effective and most complete arm massage.

Foot and Calf Shiatsu


The chair includes a foot bed with integrated air bags that provide firm shiatsu pressure to both backs and sides. It targets your calves soles, insteps and heels. For the calves massage it uses a combination of techniques that include compression, release and kneading.

Side Press

Inada Sogno Dreamwave massage chair also works on the thighs and buttocks. It relieves them from any fatigue or muscle soreness by massaging the pelvis on both sides of the buttocks.

Heat Therapy

Under the seat the chair has an integrated heater that will warm your lower back and buttocks during the massage. So additionally you get heat therapy and increase the positive effects of the massage.

Reclining Function

To get into a more comfortable position as well as to get a deeper massage action, you can automatically recline the seat to the desired angle in the range between 120 and 160 degrees. The footrest can also be adjusted to an angle of about 90 degrees.

Other Adjustability

There are 3 levels of roller width so you can adjust them to fit your body type. You can either set them to Narrow, Medium or Wide.

Additionally, you can adjust the speed for tapping and kneading. For each there are 3 levels.


The upholstery of the Sogno Dreamwave is synthetic leather that also features an anti-microbial and soil resistant finish. There are 3 color options available that are black, red, and dark brown. And additional black leather option is available.

The massage chair boasts Japanese engineering and use of highly durable materials in its design. This efficient Inada chair was built to standards of world class technology.

The chair comes with a remote control, through which you can operate all the settings. A small pocket on the side of the chair keeps it conveniently not far from reach.

This product is also home-friendly and is designed with a child safety feature, an infant and pet recline obstruction sensor, and a breakaway power cord.


  • Full body massage with more coverage than any other chair.
  • Multiple massage options: 8 preset programs, 18 manual types, and over a 1000 massage combinations.
  • Adjustability of the speed.
  • Automatic reclining.
  • Heat function.
  • Suitable for younger users as well.
  • Modern design made of high quality materials.
  • Safety features.
  • 3-year warranty.


  • The only con to this massage chair is the price, which is of course higher compared to more simple chairs. But you are investing in your health and this chair definitely brings amazing value for the money.