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This is our The Truth About Abs review. The Truth About Abs is a digital e-book program that was created by Mike Geary. The 149 page e-book details personal trainer, and author Mike Geary’s techniques to lower body fat to the level that your abs become visible. For men this is usually around 12% and for women it is around 18%.

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Early on in the program, Mike focuses on explaining the fact that abs are created in the kitchen, rather than the gym. He also teaches you that early on, your main focus should be to get rid of your excess body fat. Then you can start worrying about doing abdominal exercises to increase the size of your six pack. So unlike other abdominal programs that start you off with hundreds of crunches, Mike starts you out with methods that will help you shed belly fat and reveal the six pack underneath all that flab.

What Comes With The Truth About Abs

• The Truth About Six Pack Abs 149 page PDF e-book
• Your Personal Metabolic Calculator
• A Free Subscription to Lean Body Fitness Secrets eMagazine
• Free 5 Keys To Fat Loss DVD (From Ex Biggest Loser Trainer Kim Lyons)
• Em-Power, Improve Your Mind 5 Part Audio Series

Truth About Abs Diet Section

Once you have bought The Truth About Abs, you will notice that the diet section begins looking at the foods you are going to want to stay away from. These include foods with trans-fat, corn syrup, and other substances.

Mike also goes over why he believes fad diets are unsuccessful. Once you get through all the introductory information, you will get to the part where Mike lays out the specific meal plans. If you analyze these meal plans, you will realize that there is a big focus on nutritious foods. The diet includes plenty of protein, fruits & vegetables, and healthy fats. Also included are some additional in depth techniques. these can be used to help increase your metabolism so that you body burns more calories while it is at rest.

Mike Geary did a ton of research compiling a bunch of dietary systems which have all been pre-designed and tested out. Then he turned them into his complete plan that is easy for a normal person to follow along with. This is all combined into The Truth About Abs program which makes is easy to stick to. The nutrition plan doesn’t cost any extra, and is included with the program for free.

Mike Geary, Creator of The Truth About Abs

Most diet programs focus on your caloric intake, while Mike’s program focuses on changing what foods you eat. The main idea is changing the foods you eat to form a more nutritious meal plan. Mike includes foods that are known for having natural fat burning properties. All of the meal plans included in the diet section were personally created by Mike Geary himself. There is also a section that lists all of the foods that burn fat. He also mentions which supplements will be beneficial to your diet. This isn’t a very large portion of the diet program, but he does go over a few of his favorite supplements that can help make the fat burning process faster. One of these is Green Tea which is a proven anti-oxidant that has fat burning effects.

We have found that it is easy to follow along with the nutrition section of the program. He also provides you with a calculator that can be used to see how many calories you should be eating throughout the day. This is simply a rough estimation of how many calories you should shoot for each day. The amount is based on your weight. All of the meal plans include meals that can be easily prepared. All of the foods you will be able to buy at any local grocery store. All of the meals include natural, and unprocessed foods.

The Truth About Abs Workout Section

Once you reach this section of the program, you will begin to dive into the actual abdominal workouts. Mike Geary has jam packed this section full of exercises that will help your six pack pop out, and be more defined. It will help deepen you abdominal muscles, and get your midsection even more lean.

One interesting fact that I picked up from reading this section is that lunge repetitions are way more effective at burning fat calories than crunches or even planks. Many of the exercises in this section are good at burning fat from the entire body, and not just your midsection. What is recommended by the author is no more than 5 minutes of abdominal exercises two or three times a week.

This section lists the top exercises to shred fat from your midsection as well as build up your abdominal muscles. But maybe my favorite part of this section of the e-book is that Mike goes over the exercises that you should avoid. This is because there are a lot of common midsection exercises that can place stress on you backbone and spine, and can be dangerous as well as ineffective.

The workouts are divided into different categories. They are divided by what type of environment you will have to do your workouts in. For example, you might have a gym membership and have access to a lot of different equipment that you can use to do your exercises, or you might have a home gym with just a few workout machines, or you might not have any workout equipment at all. He has provided specific workouts for each situation I have just mentioned.


In conclusion, we believe The Truth About Abs by Mike Geary is a great program to use to get six pack abs. Right now, it is the best selling six pack abs program on the Internet, and probably will remain the best for years to come.

How To Get The Truth About Abs

The link directly underneath this paragraph will take you to the official order page for The Truth About Abs. Once you have reached this page, you will see that you have the option to pay in full, or try it out first with an initial $4.95 processing fee. All the information you need to make your purchase is very well explained on the page linked below. Make sure you use the link underneath to secure the lowest price available.

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